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Consumer feedback about Albany Va Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Crystal Coolidge

My father has gone to the Albany VA for years and has received great care. Unfortunately he has passed away. What I want to share is an email I received from the funeral home on how they sent my father off. Thank you all for honoring him in such a special way. Below is the email I received. Hi Crystal, I placed dad's obituary on the funeral home's website and facebook page. I have submitted it to the Columbia Paper which will come out next Thursday and should be online with them shortly. If there is anything else I can do for you please just let me know. We did go to the hospital today and to the crematory today. I just want to share with you the dignity and respect afforded your dad when leaving the VA hospital. Once we completed our paper work there the lady in the details office puts an overhead page that the staff recognizes as notification that one of their veterans will be leaving the facility. In the time it takes for us to drive from the office to the area of the hospital that will handle the discharge, about 20 volunteers and staff have set up a wall of military insignias by our entrance. Once we have prepared dad to leave the facility the container we use is draped with the American flag. As we leave that area men and women line the corridor with their caps on and salute as we past. The gentlemen that leads us has a recorder playing amazing grace. As we get near the doors we will leave from, in the area that now has a wall of military insignias on both sides, we stop. At that point several of those there line up on either side of your dad. There some words are spoken about veterans and they start to fold the flag in the thirteen folds that it takes to completely fold it into the triangle form that you often see. As they make each fold the gentleman leading the ceremony explains what each fold signifies. At the conclusion taps are played and they salute as we leave. I wanted to share that with you because if I didn't you would never know that it took place. They do it because they are thankful for each persons sacrifice for our country. They do it because they want to show their appreciation and respect. They do it knowing no one will know they did and there won't be applause or accolades for them doing it. They do it in the truest sense of respect where nothing will be gained for them. They did it because they truly care. It was an honor to be present for it. If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know Thanks Mike

Rating: 1 /5

Katye Reed

So you want to make a sick appointment or an appointment due to a minor injury that hasn't been scheduled months in advance? Want to get medical advice? Yeah- that ain't going to happen if you use this VA for care. I tried multiple times to schedule an appointment due to broken bone injury but kept getting the run around and transferred to different departments. I left multiple voicemails on the nurses voicemail. No call backs or attempts to get me in as a private sector primary care doctor would. I will never use VA care again - I'd rather spend my money for a private doctor.

Rating: 5 /5


This review it's based on the emergency room on 8/19/2017.. I went in for a serious condition and I was happy to be treated the way everyone should get treated with respect, happy employees, knowledgeable team, good time manner, caring stuff and very professional in every aspect. At my discharge I was satisfy leaving knowing what was wrong with me and with the right medication that was already waiting for me at the pharmacy with no delay. Thank you guys. This review is based on the E.R on that dated I have different options on the whole va hospital system.

Rating: 1 /5

Andrew Strakos

Went to er for gout doctor said I had a broken foot then try to get med refill from Glensfall VA what a joke the VA hospital sucks

Rating: 5 /5


I’ve been a patient for well over 7 years, i’ve nothing but great things to say about the doctors, nurses & staff at the Dtratton VA