Allegiance Specialty Hospital of Kilgore Rating
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2.2 Rating 2.2
9 reviews

The city of Kilgore terminated its agreement with Allegiance Specialty Hospital to operate Laird Memorial Hospital.

The sub-leases of Christus Good Shepherd Emergency Department and the Kilgore College Health Science Centerremain unaffected by the Allegiance’s renovations.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.2
(9 reviews)

Tammy and Stephanie Mexico

I went voluntarily and the counseling gave me ways to cope and find myself. Keep on mind some reviews are based on some battling Addiction and does not know how to work the steps and did not participate. Also Dementia is a very serious disorder than seldom improves and most of time when admitted to a place like this, they are dying a slow death sand it's not easy so you put them here and blame others. I am a Nurse and I worked my steps and left a better person. There will always be a person at these facilities that should not be a care provider but some actually care. It's better than being out on the street or left alone dying a slow death so shame on the negativity and also it helps to write a proper sentence using proper grammar if you want to be taken seriousky.

Annette Scudder

Do NOT send your love one to this awful place! My loving father with dementia was placed under their trusted care to get medicine corrected so he could come back home. He was able to walk but they continusously kept him drugged and in a wheel chair. First 24 hours he fell and received 11 stitches. He fell numerous times and had numerous bruises under their care in a short period of time. I went to see him during visiting hours one day and they would not let me. They informed me he "said" he did not want visitors. My father could NOT speak because he was so drugged!! They did nothing but drug him. They Released him and he died less that a week later with a knot and large bruise on his forehead, the same spot where he hit his head under their care the first time!!! In his casket the knot could still be seen!!!

Nickw Wooten

This place is a joke how this place even keeps there door open is beyond me the fat nurse named Sandra is rude obnoxious and isn't qualified to work the drive thru at McDonald's cuz she would eat all the food I waited in the waiting room for 3 hours with a staph infection they said they couldn't do anything I went to the er in tyler the took one look and was shocked at how bad it was

Imogene Shelton

Emergency room visit was swift and workers are caring

Courtney Smith

Do not go here they do not check well and just send you home and say nothing is wrong just drive to longview