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450 30th St, Oakland, CA 94609, USA
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Consumer feedback about Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

Christina Benefer

I was admitted into the psych ward here a while back, and the experience was not great. The staff were friendly, but that was about all the good words I have to say. My parents repeatedly tried to meet with my doctor but were never given an appointment. The doctor quickly put me on what was easily the worst medication I have ever taken, as it only made my depression much worse. After simply finding out that I had a slight tendency to hallucinate, they were quick to extend my three day stay to a two week one, even though I showed no signs of being a danger to myself or others. They also somehow convinced themselves I had anorexia, which I very much did not (it was difficult for me to eat because the medication I was on cut my appetite).

Rating: 5 /5

Jessica Trautman

I went to Alta Bates Emergency Room, because I had a nasty fall and needed stitches above my eye. The Night Doctors & Nurses there were VERY Nice & Friendly. Super chill and took really good care of me. Honestly, if I was forced to go to an Emergency Room visit again, I would choose Alta Bates. Plus FREE OPEN WI-FI!! Great for when you're stuck in the hospital beds waiting for tests and such!

Rating: 2 /5

Chrissy Monical

The facility itself is beautiful; everything is very updated & clean. My mom seemed to like most of the staff, BUT the care she received was definitely below my standard. My mother has had 4 back surgeries in the past, & takes fairly high doses of pain medication everyday for chronic pain. She was admitted for a hysterectomy. After surgery, the hospital had her on a Morphine drip, told her that was all she needed for pain & they weren't going to give her any of the normal meds she takes because it'd be too much. Even when she told them the pain was unbearable. After 2 days of excruciating pain & 2 sleepless nights her original Dr became aware of the situation while discharging my mother. She was furious with the hospital staff & resident MD but at that point it was too late because we were going home. The lack of communication, & total lack of regard for my mother's discomfort was very disappointing. It's never easy to see a loved one in pain; but when you look back & know that at least some of that pain was avoidable it's infuriating.

Rating: 5 /5

Connie Taylor

Excellent hospital as I had a total knee replacement done January 2016 by Dr. Alwattar. The doctor was extremely personable as were the staff members listening to what allergies I had concerns for. I was extremely impressed. Thank you to all

Rating: 5 /5

Nitin Patel

Excellent response! They were able to take my contact and facilitated a call back from a distant-friend of mine who got admitted but does not have family around.