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6655 Alvarado Rd, San Diego, CA 92120, USA
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Consumer feedback about Alvarado Hospital Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Jeremy Lipinski

I see that this hospital deleted my original review probably because I told the truth. I came here to get help because I was having stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and symptoms of a virus or a bug. The original intake lady was very nice and wanted to help but that seems where it stopped. The only thing they did was take my blood and told me to have a seat. It turned out to be a horrible experience. I was really hurting and I really needed medical attention. So did everyone else in the "emergency room." The staff didn't seem to care. One lady was even freezing cold and begging for a blanket for at least 30 minutes before they even helped her out. Sad. I almost felt like taking my jacket off and giving it to her but I had the cold chills myself. That's not it. I even callef 911 for an ambulance to see if they would help me. The ambulance was able to get me in but all they did was send me to the lobby and wait even longer. Come to find out I was suffering from symptoms of food poisoning but they didn't care. This isn't a legit hospital; I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to come here. 👎

Rating: 5 /5

Alisha B

Best ER staff treated me like I was human being. Like I mattered. Like I was important. Had very difficult experiences at Scripps and these guys made me feel at ease. Thank you.

Rating: 1 /5

Kris Chase

My husband had spinal surgery at this hospital last week. His doctor did not give us a choice of hospitals and we are fairly new to the area, so went into the experience with an open mind. First, the facility is in need of a major update. It looks worn and tired. Because of this, they probably can't pay the wages to attract top notch staff so are stuck with the second and third tier. This must be where the inept and trainee nurses go because they wouldn't answer my husband's questions or show him the respect by listening to him when he was in pain. He had to call 2, sometimes 3 times to get the attention of the nurses. One of them did not insert the IV correctly and his hand was swollen for 2 days! They stuck him so many times trying to draw blood his arms are still bruised a week later! I have been in training hospitals, and they usually tell you ahead of time, this is a training hospital. They should have at least had someone more experienced available to help!! He had an ice pack that would be long cold and since he could not bend or adjust it himself (and no one came after repeated calls), he would have to sit on it for hours before they came and took it from his chair. There was no med or meal schedule, they came at all different hours with no hint of a plan; it seems the staff was harried and shortstaffed. The nurses always have a dour and sad look, no one smiles or seems happy. The only nurse who seemed to have some knowledge was Bailey, but because she was the only one who knew anything, she was off training and wasn't available to provide care to her patients! I would not recommend this hospital to my worst enemy; everyone deserves good care when you are sick and recovering from surgery. You won't find it here! Suggestion--- take the 4 or 5 volunteers that are always chatting at the front desk and have them do something useful like pass out meals or help patients walk around the halls because the nurses sure won't do it!

Rating: 1 /5

Heather Wilson

I have never been so disrespected and ill-treated by a hospital staff, and after reading all of these reviews, I am shocked and horrified that the people who work for this facility still have jobs. I can't think of a single job I've had where I would still be employed after treating anyone the way I was treated when i was there early Monday morning. The attendant was rude and dismissive of my pain, saying "if this is the worst thing you've ever been through, you've had a great life." The nurse told me that I was over-reacting and that there were people there who were really sick. I ended up walking out, even though I was in tremendous pain and needed help. But I knew I would never get the help I needed from a hospital that employed such callous and heartless people. I eventually ended up at Sharp, where the staff there were extremely kind and concerned, and I received the help I needed. In no way is this behavior acceptable, and I am shocked to learn that so many others have experienced the same. Every single person I came into contact with was horrible, and I am thankful that I was just in San Diego for vacation and will never need to go back to that hell-hole of a hospital again. I would never recommend going to this ER, which seems to work best for them, as they don't really act as if they care about people in the first place.

Rating: 1 /5

De'antez Harris

I'm sitting in the waiting room as we speak. I swear on everything I hold dear, I will NEVER EVER come back to this hospital ever again. It can be 1 person in the ER waiting room and you will be here for at least three hours. This is my second time this month coming here and my stupid self decided to come here anyway because I am lazy. Never again, Sharp is a way better hospital and when I went there with a neighbor, it most definitely was. People were friendly, never rude and the hospital was clean and private. THIS hospital drew someone's blood right in the waiting room SEVERAL TIMES when I was here the first time. When you FINALLY get in the back were the nurses and doctor are, you finally SEE what the holdup is. They are back there playing and making jokes about the patients and flirting with each other. The have ONE doctor on staff and God knows what he's doing. The waiting room is not just cold to keep germs down, it's downright FREEZING. The security guard on duty was more concerned and helpful. I'm sitting here contemplating on whether I should just leave and deal with the pain a little longer while I wait for Sharp hospital to admit me which probably would be less time waiting.... In conclusion, Dont come here no matter what....