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Consumer feedback about Athens Regional Medical Center

Sarah and Nate
Sarah and Nate

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

The labor and delivery nurses saved my son’s life when he was born.

He wasn’t breathing and they soon got him to start breathing. Thank you for all the wonderful nurses that helped me that day. Thank you to the nurse that caught me when I fainted on the toilet after giving birth. Thanks for truely making my stay wonderful.

Thank you to all the Midwife’s that helped me through pregnancy and through birth!

Great hospital with great employees!

Ken Waggoner
Ken Waggoner

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I took my wife into the emergency room with a high fever. They admitted her that night. They gave her IVs and some how the fluid went to her lungs. The doctor that they had caring for her would come in the room and cough over her. I went to patient services and had him removed. Anyway my wife ended up in ICU for over a week. Athens Regional/Piedmont almost killed her. Now I'm having to pay for there terrible service. We saw the maintenance lady clean the sink with the same rag she cleaned the toilet. She cleaned the toilet first. We will never go back to that hospital unless that is the last resort. The hospital has gotten worst since Piedmont took over. Some of the employees will tell you the same thing. Today we got a nasty call from the collection agency where the hospital turned it over to them. That's even after we set up monthly payments to pay the 4000.00 we got stuck with after my wifes ordeal. I'm very disappointed in the way the hospital has treated us. They should have wrote off some of the charges that were made due to malpractice. So far they have had no remorse.

Mary Cianfrani
Mary Cianfrani

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Brenda is the most caring individual I have met in a long time in the deli. We we're here for an outpatient procedure for my daughter that took much longer than expected and when my credit card declined to pay for lunch she offered to pay for it. I haven't ever had anyone do that for me. It feels good as a single mother to know someone else cares. Great staff all around I have never had a bad experience here.

Penelope Fenyvest
Penelope Fenyvest

2 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

Positively the worst care Ever. I am only giving 2stars Because (apparently) the ER was Good & I had one Very Nice Nurse in ICU That didn’t just throw a bed pan at me & helped me to the potty👍🏼. Went in For TBI & Slow Brain Bleed. Had Nuerosurgen that, once he figured he wasn’t going to drill into my head... Lost total interest in me! Dr Patil.. or something. The hospital never refered a Neurologist to me & Patient Advocates... didn’t seem to exist. After a year of recovering.. I’m having emotional issues & was led to believe that after a year, I’d be Myself.. I’m Not! Never even heard from neurosurgeon after 6 week follow up. He was Such a pompous Dr. & his Associate Dr Walhper... was as bad. It’s as if I got the worst care Ever. Form the constant CT scans , where techs literally would Drop, my Already damaged head on cold platform (was Grateful when one nurse put a pillow down first) this is the first time I’ve realized how lost & ignored I was.. Still feel that way! It’s a stressful Struggle & I’ve Never been sick. Amazing! I got the worst Dr & just slacker care. Honestly, they should be Ashamed.
Lost 15lbs in one week, no support & Horrible Drs.

I’ve advocated for my Mother & have never seen such appalling care.

Wally Trevathan
Wally Trevathan

4 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Wait time to get my girl back was very short. Her back was hurting. Friendly and helpful staff. Plenty of free parking with validation. Had to take x ray. It was reviewed quickly. Not a bad emergency department.

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