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Consumer feedback about Atlanta Medical Center – Atl Campus &Amp; South Campus

Rating: 1 /5

william schull

Absolutely horrible! I waited 5 hours for my wife to be seen by someone. We saw several people walk in and were immediately seen by a doctor. They walked in with no visible wounds. We eventually left. We figured we would rather risk it than continue to sit and be dregraded. Also, we were not the only ones that left out of our frustration that night. Seriously, AVOID AVOID AVOID this place

Rating: 1 /5

Jerralyn Turner

Back in the day South Fulton used to be called the Meat Market. People would joke about the hospital practices and warned people to let it be the last resort. Today, it's a lot of staff, but why? This is the most ghetto hospital ever, the staff, no protocol. My daughter is here for chest pains, she is high risk. She sitting in chair, and they an hour wait. I want to Emory for same thing, they were professional and worked as a team. Emory is amazing. Had I had a choice.....

Rating: 2 /5

Tramain Ellerbee

This hospital is only good for is commend colds and miner injuries. I came in with major stomach pains and one of the nurses forced me to walk(limped over clutching my mid area) halfway to my MRI scan, until I stopped and demanded that she find a wheel chair for me. After I ended up having my gallbladder removed and was placed on a liquid diet, the male cook lied to me about the broth soup saying it wasn't chicken, knowing I'm a vegaterian. There's are far more details about my bad experience than I can fit into this comment. The staff is very lazy and very nonchalant about the needs of the patients here. ...and the only reason why I gave the second star is because the nurses that was a different hue then I am, and nurse Pam were comforting to me in my situation.

Rating: 1 /5

Lenard Morris

I have come here before in the daytime. Unbeleiveable service. Came tonight at 7pm, it is now 12:44 am. Haven't seen a doctor. All of the staff. RUDE! Ghetto security. Nasty nurses. Horrible service so far. I do know i will never come here again.

Rating: 1 /5

Lauren Aikens

Worst hospital ever! There billing department is horrible and can’t even help with something so simple. Please don’t waste your time going to this hospital if you can help it.