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Consumer feedback about Auxilio Mutuo Hospital

Auxilio Mutuo Hospital
Reviewed from Google

4.1 out of 5 stars

Angel Suarez
Angel Suarez

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

A very old medical institution or hospital, they have been giving services for over 50 years, they have expanded to New larger buildings. There service is no way similar to the old Auxilio Mutuo but there are no much choices in the metro area. A very lay back operation, here you practically need to beg for an appointment and if you go to their Emergency then get prepared to wait 2 to 3 hours.


5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

How want to be in a hospital? but this one make me feel good, for one simple reason, all the employee are so kind with the Patients make my feel there a still people out there who really care for other.

Derek Medina
Derek Medina

2 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Still needs more improvement!
Total Quality Assurance and Total Quality leadership! Compassion! Need to become more economical for low and middle class income patients. Need a bigger emergency room for Adults. Need more bilingual staff and Nurses and Doctors. Need to improve in applying unlimited kindness and caring for the

Lorna Tomko
Lorna Tomko

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Excellent Women's Center for cancer. Very caring, efficient with up to date facilities and procedures. Was even able to schedule appointments and tests over Christmas holidays. Surgeon top notch. Staff always found an English speaker for me.

Andrea Morales
Andrea Morales

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I really wanted to give a -5.
Here are some pictures I took of the windows condition in my uncle's room.
The room looked dirty and had a lots of stains on the floor. I asked one of the cleaning staff to remove some tapes that were there for a long time before my uncle was brought to the room. The rails of the bed were so dirty and so was the metal part of the bed. I bought Lysol wipes to clean the surface of the rails so my uncle or we didn't get an infection.
The liquid protein he was supposed to take with the meals was not given by the staff. They instead gave him juice and milk. The dietitian had told me that it was very important for him to have it for the healing of his ulcer. Your staff was totally ignorant. So every time that I saw it laying there I gave it to him with a straw. I even brought it to the attention to the practical nurse one night and told me to give it. I asked him for a straw he said he didn't have one to go to the cafeteria to get one or give it with a spoon ! My uncle was not able to have it that night, and heavens knows how many time it got back to dietary because it was not given.
His snacks were not given and left forgotten on the table. Me and my mom gave them every time we so them laying around forgotten. We didn't mind helping; but we weren't there all the time. Anyways my mom is 89 yrs old and can't see very well.
At one time when I was visiting,the nurse asked me to give him his pills and his breakfast. I refused. She asked me why? I said it was not my responsibility if she didn't want to give it to send a staff member to do it. I was not going to be responsible if he choked. She was upset!
Another time another nurse came to change his diaper. He had bad diarrhea. We had told the nurse to ask the dietitian not to send lactose products or beans because it caused him bad diarrhea. They did not tell the dietitian. The dietitian happened to stop by, the day before the discharge, and I told her.
One time when the nurse changed his diaper it leaked thru the sheet and drops fell on the floor and the bed. She threw the sheet on top of the red garbage box and the whole thing was smeared with feces. None cleaned!
Its a miracle my uncle did not get his wound more infected, or got some other infection! The room smelled so bad all day!
Another time my mom dropped the food tray and because it was liquid spread all over the floor. We asked the nurse to send someone to clean it. She did; but it took 2 hours for someone to respond. In the meantime she picked some up and spread blue bed pads all over the floor so we or the staff didn't slip.
Im really upset about all the things that happened during his stay.
He was discharged by the doctor around 1pm and could have been discharged on the first shift but they didn't finished their paperwork until almost 10pm. The secretary told me that the ambulance personnel had been downstairs for more than 1 hour, they were probably eating.. Actually it took them almost 2 hours to get to the floor. Because it was taking so long we were going to be charged extra because it passed the time. I thought that was wrong; but I just wanted to get out of there already and just gave her a look, walked away and told her I couldn't talk because I was extremely annoyed! It may not have been her fault; but it was the icing to the cake.
The elevator was broken. Instead of 2 there was only one. The security didn't care if mothers with strollers sor wheelchairs were waiting and not able to get on the elevator because of the lack of courtesy of the visitors. They were more worried about greeting their coworkers and friends.
I sure hope I don't have to have any of my relatives or myself stay at this hospital. I already asked my children not to bring me here ever.
Hope you review this statement and Administration does something to correct it. It is a shame the place is so bad, it used to be a delight. Maybe the staff should be retrained in Customer Service and change the cleaning company!

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