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20900 Biscayne Blvd, Aventura, FL 33180, USA
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Consumer feedback about Aventura Hospital and Medical Center

Rating: 4 /5

darrell jones

I am a Kentucky native, my stay of 5 days was great with only one bad experience with Mrs.Marva Leon ,she was rude and did not have time to answer my questions. Adventura Hospital has it going on, the nurses ,techs are awesome. The physician are without a doubt the best in the United States .The physician chief of staff should be very happy, you have great doctor. Except for Marva Leon it was great. Thank You Darrell Jones

Rating: 1 /5

Cendino Teme

Came in with my mother she was having chest pains. The ER was empty when we can in so she was able to get processed quickly. Once they gave her a bed to wait for her labs and see a doctor they FOREVER waiting game. After sitting for a couple of hours I walk over to the desk and spoke to the nurse about any updates with the labs. They forgot to complete a CT scan that was order on admission. It took another 45 to get her to the test. It’s been 5hrs now and we still have yet to speak to anyone about any lab results or any updates. I wouldn’t recommend this hospital because their procedures doesn’t seem to be streamlined.

Rating: 5 /5

kikki Wilson

I'm in tears thinking about what I'm about to write. If I had a million dollars right now i would want to give Trhe surgeon David Keiger most of it, not because he save my husband life but because from the moment I met him I knew I could trust him. Doing the hurricane my husband had just had a tumor removed from his head. I stayed at the hospital doing the locked down. The gave me (a visitor) a hot plate breakfast, lunch and dinner. It don't stop there doing this experience they have been a team of doctors that care even when it seem my husband wanted to give up. They step up and my husband is a live because they truly cared. My husband insurance stop at a critical time and they found away to get him the medicine he need 😢. The case worker, the nurses, security and even the lady that bring the food tray have been wonderful. I know my husband wasn't the best patient but they treated him with dignity and respect. Saying thanks is just not enough. It's been a couple of days and I'm still waiting for approval for insurance for my husband but when I get it that will be the first call I will make. When you want a hospital that will care when you not able to care for yourself go to Adventure. My husband had a 14 hour surgery came home and fell and they correct that with the chances very slim .

Rating: 1 /5


It's a very nice and clean place, yes. Yes, TV got a lot of channels. But in reality, it's a SHOWROOM for visitors. You do not get correct diagnoses, you do not get correct medicines, and if you're dependent on certain medicines during the stay, you won't get it because they don't give you any attentions. I was in benzo withdrawal and I was going to die. They don't care. You'll get zero needs whatsoever beside occasional pulse check from nurses and fulfilling medicine requests you have on the paper. I did not have any pain of the kind but I still get IV Morphine and Oxycodone! Amazingly ridiculous.

Rating: 5 /5

Ernandes Pierrelouis

In my own experience I would recommend these hospital to everyone because as soon as you enter these hospital you feel like it's your own house you enter because once I came her with my grandma the nurse treat here like family she feel comfortable and they make her feel at home and I ask god to bless all the nurse and doctor that take care of her and that why if you ever want a hospital where they make you feel welcome and treat you like a family than my friend I recommend these hospital it's clean and safe.