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Consumer feedback about Banner Baywood Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Terry Redburn

This was one of the most horrific experiences of my life. It has taken away any safety of my place in the world of receiving help after experiencing this. There were a few very nice nurses that I greatly appreciate, especially the very nice one that helped me get out of this awful place, but for the most part it ruined every ounce of security that a hospital is a safe place to go. You lie in this room and when you press your nurses button, you get a nurse's aide, who tells you that they will tell the nurse your request and then you pretty much never hear back. Evidently, the nurses are probably overworked, since when they were able to come in, I found most of them to be considerate and kind. After one day of testing and everything coming back normal, including an MRI that the nurse told me said basically everything was completely normal, the Dr. then decided that I needed to spend an extra night to get a MRI with contrast, since on rare occasions this could show up 6 months later that something was actually there. He informed me that he would be in early for rounds, so seemed to be implying that I would be able to leave fairly early in the morning. Also, I pretty much went without food for the time I was there since they couldn't get my diet needs met.Anyway, I decided that since I was so uncomfortable in the hospital and various other problems I encountered that I just wanted to leave. That was when the problems really started. Evidently, once you enter their world. your life is not your own anymore. I was warned that if I left "AMA", that my insurance would not pay, that I would no longer have access to my medical records and that all the tests that I had done would have to be redone because I would no longer have access to them. I was told that my neurologist would no longer follow up with me,, etc, etc. Not that I cared about that,as I was not happy with him at all. I should have listened to a nurse friend of mine who told me before this happened that it would, because this is, in her opinion, there way of getting the most money out of you. Anyway, after I forced myself to spend a horrible uncomfortable night, I was informed that my doctors would be basically showing up, who knows when, and I was basically just stuck. I had had a horrific night of sleep and was now just done and I told them I was leaving. The threats started again and their attitude of "Oh Well",when we get around to getting you out of here that's when you get out of here, I lost it. I took off my heart monitor and informed them that I was leaving. Eventually about an hour and a half later, I was luckily out of this most horrible place. My nurse for the day seemed to be a very nice nurse and he was helpful. I don't know where I will go in the future for health emergencies,

Rating: 5 /5

Reb Rosman

I noticed that the responses from the hospital are all pretty similar. There's a nurse, case worker who praised the hospital with five stars. The reply was the same to her as it was to others who were actual patients. Is it a robot replying to the ratings here. Let's see what the reply is to this one.

Rating: 3 /5

Maria Reyes

The ER waiting time was ridiculous! I waited over 4 hours to get my baby seen. Anyways, the night time nurse Erin was very understanding and sweet to my baby! We shared our experience in breastfeeding lightly. She really made a difference to the 4 hour wait. I don't think I will come again though, I'll probably be better off at an local urgent care.

Rating: 1 /5

Robyn Derner

My mother presented 2 weeks after open heart surgery with chest pain and a fever of 102 less than 4 hours prior to arrival. They did a cardiac work up and tried to discharge her still having pain in her chest. I had to speak to ER doctor and request an infection work up! She has been in the hospital now for a week treating her infection and will be discharged on IV Antibiotics. Thank God I advocated for her health because clearly the ER doctor was missing something very important!

Rating: 5 /5

Kayla Rennie

This is by far the best hospital I have been to. They really care about their patients and getting them the care they need. Every single staff member- from the doctors, nurses, aids, technicians, to the cleaning staff- were incredibly welcoming and provided outstanding care. They made me feel safe and comfortable.