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Consumer feedback about Banner Heart Hospital

Rating: 4 /5

Pilar Gonzales

Nursing staff was very competent and most of all made me feel at ease. Rachel, who is a traveling nurse, was the best! Also, the aide Haley was absolutely wonderful! These women should be praised for the hard work they do everyday. Thanks again to all of you.

Rating: 3 /5

wendy allen

My mother came here several yrs ago and it was known as a number one heart hospital. I've read the ranking on narional ranking and it speaks we'll. Now I and I know many many. People will read other people reviews before going to a hospital If they have time. And from what I have read I would be so afraid to go there for my life. Now I went for a full hysterectomy in 2006 when I came out of surgery for 2 days I tossed turned screamed that the pain machine was messed up. It took two days of excrushiating pain for them to finely really check it out and the maching was only dispencing pain meds once every 12 hrs. How horrifying. I got a letter stating they would train the fourth Floor on how to use those machines. Also I went in the other day to er for a panic attack. Ever had one horrible. It was warm in there crowded. Hospitals are supposed to be cool to keep sicknesses down and from spreading. What is going on at this place. What I've read and what I have experienced are two different things. How can the people believe anyone it andnkr put their lives in the hands of people that are supposed to be very very experienced and I left to go to another hospital. Id rather travel having a severe panic attack than to sit there and be more afraid of getting sicker or even dying. Please take all the money u make there remodel pay people better than them before mistakes are made. And treat people like you really wanted to get into that profession.dont act like you hate what you chose to do. Maybe should have listenwd to parents to makebsure of your life choice.

Rating: 5 /5

Bob Pless

Great place to get fixed! Very caring and kind staff. My room at sunset.

Rating: 1 /5

Lady28hawk Sanc

Dirtiest Emergency room I have ever seen, when was the last time this was cleaned? How about cleaning the floors under the seats ,where the sick people sit.

Rating: 1 /5

Jennifer Nathaniel

So irritating, we called in to let them know we were stuck in traffic and we would be 5-10 minutes late. I understand how important the schedule is, so I called ahead to let them know. I explained what our visit was for and I asked if we would still be ok to be seen and they assured me we were fine and to come on in. We walked in 7 minutes after the appointment time and they proceeded to tell me that we had to reschedule. This is so frustrating for those of us who are caring for our elderly parents and have a full time job, a family and 10 different doctors we are dealing with. It's hard enough to get time off to make so many appointments. I get that we were running late, but you should really get it together in the office and give the correct information when someone calls in. The worst part is, I've never waited less than an hour in the lobby when we are on time for an appointment. Very unprofessional......