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Consumer feedback about Banner-University Medical Center South Campus

Sean Defrates
Sean Defrates

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Great!!! Experience. Nurses were fantastic. Doctors were great. Even the techs are awsome. I had a great experience and would go there again. I recommend this hospital highly.

Abraham Gomez
Abraham Gomez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 15 hours ago

Brought my mother to the emergency room late at night and there were 5 people waiting besides us. My mother was in great pain and could not sit down. There was a poor baby also crying and waiting with her mother to be seen. It took 30 minutes before one of us (the baby) were called to take their blood pressure and diagnosis. The receptionist was on her cell phone watching videos and the two nurses were also on their cell phone in the back room laughing. We could see them through the door window as they took their sweet time. People are hurting in the emergency room and these nurses did not seem to care for other people suffering. Go somewhere else but do not come to the South Banner campus.

Vince Marquez
Vince Marquez

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

I get a call from some person asking to speak with me. Proceeds to hammer me with a thousand questions not once stating who she was or why she was calling. Then after she got what she wanted she tried hanging up on me and I said "HEY, WELL WAIT A SECOND, who am I speaking to?" Very bad attitude, very bad listening skills as I had to correct her multiple times after clearly explaining my situation. Very impatient; I tell her who my primary care dr. is for example, and literally the next second she is angrily asking me who my primary care doctor is. What the hell? What is wrong with this lady, is she on drugs, not trained or combination of the two? (By the way this lady called me about a referral my doctor gave me, and I was told I would be set up with an appointment; which I needed. I ended up so frustrated I told her to forget it. What is going on here, Banner, it's not hard to be respectful and professional. Extremely distasteful behavior. I am not happy. I don't even write reviews for any reason; this is how displeased I am

melissa la mirand
melissa la mirand

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

They were great to my daughter from intake to release. The nurse David was right there for her the whole time.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

I would give this place no stars if the option let me. I hadn’t the most traumatizing experience in my entire life.
I was sent to the ER because I took too many pills to ease my depression and anxiety. This happened about 10:30 pm. They immediately rushed me to the psych ward because they do foolishly assumed that I was suicidal when I have told them plenty of times I wasn’t.
They put me in this cellar block of a room that had the most uncomfortable chairs and just one TV. We didn’t even have running water. I was so confused to what was going on and why I have been moved here instead of going to an emergency room. They did not act quickly and left me there to suffer the symptoms for a long while. I was scared out of my mind and thought I was going to die.
A bunch of doctors came in and just told me the whole jist of the situation and one of the nurses told me that I will have a room of my own very soon. I waited for hours and hours and hours and nobody clued me in on what was going on. Very poor communication.

The nurses were kind and patient. All except for two. His name is Kevin, a middle aged heavy man with average height, had a horrible narsasistic attitude towards patients and co-workers.
His desk is literally located across from my room and I can hear him making fun of the other patients behind their backs with the security guards. That kind of behavior is unprofessional and childish, he is there to help the patients not make fun of their mental state.
After being alone in that horrible room for hours I couldn’t take it anymore. I was scared out of my mind and wanted to go home. They only injected me with lots of water into my IV and take blood and urine samples and just left me there to suffer the hallucinations and tremor. I wanted to leave so I took the IV out and went to go get my things. Kevin screamed at me to step away and that confused me even more. I was just getting my stuff. I wasn’t hiring myself nor anybody. When I inched closer to it he grabbed me and nearly put me in a lock hold. I was shocked and horrified. Nurses are not allowed to man-handle their patients. That’s the security guards job. And even they didn’t put their hands on me. He dragged me back to my room and nearly shoved me into that prison. I was hyperventilating and crying my eyes out because I thought I was literally in some mental ward jail. I did not belong there.
Then this doctor with tattoos and a UofA nurse in training told me that horrible room I was trapped in is solitary confinement. They even offered me a sedative. This really freaked me out because I am not suicidal nor am I homocidsl. They treated me like I committed the most heinous crime.
I also heard Kevin and this other nurse who’s a grumpy old lady talking behind my back across from my room and calling me “demanding” and who knows what else. Kevin has the audacity to tel that old woman that I had a “temper tantrum” in a very condescending manner.
After a while I was moved to the observation unit which made a huuuuge difference. The atmosphere is a lot less hostile, the nurses treated me like a human being, and they did an excellent job observing me. I told them about my awful experience and one nurse went to go get a Charger. I explained everything to the charger and she was disgusted at Kevin’s behavior and the experience I had. She even told me that I wasn’t suppose to be there in the first place. She also told me that she will have a long talk with Kevin and I hope she fired him.

I will never return to this hospital ever again. Thank you Banner Health for scaring me for life.

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