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Consumer feedback about Banner-University Medical Center South Campus

Rating: 1 /5

Colton Ballou

To anyone with a dietary restriction, do not go here. The staff will not listen to you about it, they will serve you food that you cannot eat, and when you tell them you can't eat it they will take it away and leave you hungry. Even if it's made repeatedly clear to the staff they will completely ignore you. If this is how they approach something so simple, I pray for each and every patient there with a more complicated issue. In terms of actual care, it's pitiful. Doctors are hardly available for more than minutes of the day, and the rest of the staff is always either busy, or simply don't care. When you talk to hospital management about these issues they will just ignore you and tell you "Thank you for your concerns" or "We take every complaint seriously" yet nothing ever will improve. To anyone responsible for this horrible system, I hope you end up in the care of somebody that treats you the same way you treat your patients.

Rating: 1 /5

Patricia Hays

This was by far the WORST experience I've had with an emergency room. If I was allowed to give this hospital zero stars...I would. I went to the emergency and waited for 4.5 hours. They told me it would be a long wait; however, not a wait that would last nearly 5 hours. Everyone left due to the wait time and many voiced going to another hospital. The registration personnel were extremely rude as well. They talked to you like you were not worth their time. I overheard them talking poorly about patients and even being relieved when certain ones left. This is the closest hospital to my home and I'm more than happy to go to another one if that means I get better quality of service. I left after 4.5 hours and was seen by the military base immediately. Also, their infection control prevention is poor. For flu season, they didn't have signs for prevention for those that were coming through the doors. They didn't have hand sanitizer available either.

Rating: 1 /5

Zoey Taylor

My daughter came through the emergency room in April of 2017. She had a soccer injury. The emergency room staff was exceptional!! My dilemma is with billing. I was told by the emergency staff, "I could come back through the emergency room to have the stitches remove and it would be a part of the original charge." I brought her back to have the stitches removed; assuming there would be no charge!! A month later I was charged for the visit. I have spoken to sooo many people in billing that have I have lost count. My health insurance has called twice and was told I was not being charged for the follow-up visit. However, almost a year later I'm still getting billed. This is beyond ridiculous!! I wouldn't have gone 30 minutes out of my way on Easter Sunday to get charge for a visit. My daughter pediatrician is five minutes from my home and I could have gone there for a lot less.

Rating: 1 /5

Lisa Fore

My issue is with scheduling at all three locations! I am having some pretty serious symptoms, like musculoskeletal jerking, instable walking, falling, etc. My Dr. got me a referral to banner Neuro. I called to make an appointment, and was glad I only had to wait two months to get in. Two days before my appointment, they left a message that they had to cancel and reschedule my appointment, and gave me an appointment date that was six months out, and on a day I had no way to get there. I called, and they changed the appointment to four months out. The day before that, they called and cancelled again. Six cancelled appointments, three expired referral, and two years later, my symptoms have increasingly gotten MUCH worse. I tried calling to talk to the head of neurology, and she refuses to get back with me, instead, having schedulers call, which I've talked to them too many times already!!! Since they are the only place in town covered by my insurance, we are driving almost 3 hours to go to Barrow Institute, the appointment was less then a month away, and they honored it!!

Rating: 1 /5

Just Smile

Doctors I have gone to here over the last ten years are now scared to prescribe opiods to chronic pain patients who have legitamite physical injuries and degenerative diseases that excruciatingly painful. These same doctors put me on opiod pain medication at 280 mg ten years ago. I have never broken my pain contract or tested positive for drugs. I have titrated down to 120 mg and they dont even want to write an rx for that small amount. Now they want to reduce me 30% each visit even though. The HEROIN dealers are celebrating all their new conservative customers with jobs.I hope every Dr. at Banner gets a very painful injury or degenerative disease and has to suffer in pain without enough medication.