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Consumer feedback about Banner-University Medical Center Tucson Campus

Rating: 5 /5

Leon Tidwell

I had an exceptional experience with the Staff of the neurosurgery department. They were extremely professional. I had an acoustic schwannoma removed from my skull. It was pinching my nerve to my ear. They used to call it 'water on the brain'. Non-cancerous. Everything went well, they perform 3-4 of these per month. No bad side effects. I would recommend this dept for this type of surgery. Thank you for saving my life!

Rating: 1 /5

Robert Jewell

This is a horrible excuse for a medical company. If you want to wait 3 months for blood work and spent hundreds of hours getting the run around from staff that doesn’t know what’s going on, go here. After at least a dozen calls I was told I’m not even entered in the system right which is probably causing issues. The employee practically yelled at me because my file is incorrectly and only partially filled out. Oh yeah, I can see where that’s all the patients fault. I should have thought to program your system for you. My bad. Just find a random person on the street to diagnose you. They are probably better at it.

Rating: 1 /5

Gayle Munton Townsend

I used to work here years ago when it had an outstanding reputation. Now my husband is an inpatient and I regret ever bringing him here...Even more disturbing is finding out there isn't a patient advocate in the hospital. Reading the litany of horrible reviews and the CEO's response ('sorry to hear about your bad experience ...send us an email')to what are very serious hospital issues. When a hospital has an overall review of 2.8 it should give you pause avoided. Those reviews are consistent with D rating. There's nothing more precious than your health or the health of a loved your all of these reviews first

Rating: 2 /5

Tink Earle

My last experience at Banner was interesting to say the least. I was at the children's er with my son. The medical team seemed caring and professional......BUT......I WAS FORCED TO WALK HOME AT 2:45AM WHEN HE WAS DISCHARGED BECAUSE A VERY RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL WOMAN TOLD ME THAT MY SON DOESN'T HAVE INSURANCE! LIES! IT IS EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL TO NOT KEEP CURRENT WITH UPDATES! I did not have my son's stroller so I was forced to carry him, the diaper bag and a backpack......dealing with arthritis, degenerative disk disease and fibromyalgia pains and freezing. It took 2.5 hours for me to get home. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED IN BANNER AND THANKS TO THAT ASININE WOMAN.....I HAVE HAD THE FLU SINCE THAT NIGHT! My son and I should have received compensation for Banner's screw up!

Rating: 1 /5

Harmony Johnson

I have epilepsy and was admitted to the hospital here. A number of studies have been done on posticle psychosis which occurs after a seizure. This includes aggression, confusion, and sometimes hallucinations. I have never been charged with any crime in my life but after several seizures I had an episode of posticle psychosis in which I don't recall. Apparently the nurses and security decided they would tie me down and not knowing what was happening or why I was trying to get away from these people. As I was leaving the hospital and cop stopped me and gave me 3 charges on a security guard who was not injured in anyway shape or form. I am not an aggressive person I just suffer from epilepsy and now my future could be ruined because a team of medical staff have no education when it comes to epilepsy. If you have anywhere else to go I suggest avoiding this hospital. I do plan on sewing the life out of them. Horrible experience and I remain very depressed about the matter.