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Consumer feedback about Baptist Health Medical Center-Arkadelphia

Rating: 1 /5

Angela Pearson

Ive never personally been to this hospital. But my baby sister just had her baby delivered there. And my sister's baby left arm was broken during delivery. Days after she had her baby she had to rush baby to the ER. Because the baby had red knots sticking out of that left arm and was not eating because of being in pain. Doctors at the ER are saying the baby may NEVER have use of that arm again.

Rating: 2 /5

Sarah Edwards

Doctor/nurse were nice, however I was sent out the door without anticoagulation for a small PE. I was unable to get meds through pharmacy. Standard of care was not implemented and will be reported to Joint Commision.

Rating: 5 /5

carolyn Morris

This is being typed one-handed, so there may be errors. On July 25, 2017, I broke my arm and was taken by ambulance to this hospital. From the time I got there, to the time I left, I got best care you could posssibly get. Kay (admin clerk), was wonderful and even gave me a hug when I left! The ER staff, Dr. McLeod, Cody and Emily, RN's were great.I wish I could say more, thank you all for all you did for me. I would recommend this hospital very highly!!!! Thanks again

Rating: 1 /5

mackenzie cato

I had my first child here. Went into labor August 22,2017.(my actual due date) When I walked in the door with horrible contractions, they seated me in the waiting room because there were no beds available in labor and delivery. After about 10 min, they realized how far along I was in my labor because I was sitting on my side and hurting bad. By the time I got into a room I was dialated to an 8. Delivery went well, and I was transfered out of the labor and delivery because there were still no beds available. Then, before leaving the hospital, the nurse came in my room with my discharge papers and said i was ready to go. I was confused cause even though I am a first time mom,I know that babies are supposed to have test done before leaving. I asked my nurse about the tests and they had forgotten about them. Then,a week after I was released from the hospital I recieved a call from the hospital telling me that when my baby went for his hearing test, they asked an intern nurse to take him back to my room. AND THEY PUT MY BABY IN THE WRONG ROOM. needless to say I am one mad momma.

Rating: 1 /5

j masters

I was treated great by the nurses. However, Dr SINGH refused to treat me bc he didn't consider chest pain or cold flu symptoms on a transplant patient an emergency. Thus they made me either pay $100 up front or leave. I did not have the $100 so I went home untreated and still miserably sick.