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701 Princeton Ave SW, Birmingham, AL 35211, USA
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Consumer feedback about Baptist Medical Center-Princeton

Rating: 5 /5

Mark Webb

I am very pleased with this hospital. My heart doctor is here. Great service awesome staff nurses and doctors are great here. Keep up the good job guys.

Rating: 5 /5

kasie citizen

1-24-18 I was in town for business and got sick so I googled the nearest emergency room. When I arrived at Princeton I immediately got nervous because I’ve never been to a hospital where there are armed security and you have to have your purse searched and have to walk through a metal detector if I hadn’t been dropped off I would have turned around and left lol but I am so happy I didn’t leave these people here are so caring nice and professional!!!! I wish I would have gotten names!!! Thank y’all sooo much for taking great care of me!! I am grateful!! Much love from Louisiana

Rating: 1 /5

Mindy Memmer

My husband is currently a patient there. He has a documented history of cardiac problems including multiple cardiac stents. He complained of chest pain and requested nitro as his cardiologist has prescribed for him and instructed him to take. We're from Montgomery. The staff said his EKG on admission looked fine and there was nothing wrong with him. 6 hours later they brought him a nitro (while I was there visiting him) and told him to take it. His chest wasn't hurting then so there was no reason for it. The nurse didn't even ask if his chest was hurting. No one checked on him after his initial complaint. He could have died and no one would have noticed until I got there. Most of the staff don't care. I'm extremely concerned. The unit he's on was filthy. I heard staff ridiculing other patients and laughing at them. I am an RN myself and know it is the staff's responsibility to report abuse, not do it or condone it. I am reporting this and trying to get my husband moved.

Rating: 1 /5

Byanca Jones

Princeton is the worst hospital in Birmingham period!!! I have never liked Princeton hospital! There is an evil presence in that hospital that has set up camp and it has been that way for the past 20-30 years!!! The staff is horrible from the doctors down to the nurses!!! Their attitudes are unbelievably horrible! They are not interested in caring for the patients at all! They are only intersted in killing you!!! Yes I said it! And it's true!!! I have heard so many horror stories about Princeton hospital since I was a little girl! And alot of those stories are unfortunately true!!! What's so sad about it is this suppose to be a faith based hospital!!! There's a big cross in front of the hospital but believe me you are not entering a peaceful and serene Godly atmosphere! Actually you are entering into the gates of hell when you go inside Princeton hospital folks! Is it because the hospital is in a Black community and somehow we deserve this very poor and inhumane treatment??? I stopped going to Princeton because I was not getting the help that I needed! Nothing but bad attitudes and condescending mockery from the staff!!! I am waiting for the day when God will strike down the wickedness that's going on inside that hospital!!! Until then I am going to pray for the people who must go there!

Rating: 1 /5

Precious Carter

Every time I call up there they answer the phone, you here ppl talking, and they hang up. That's very irritating 😠