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615 W Nursery St, Butler, MO 64730, USA
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Consumer feedback about Bates County Memorial Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Davis

This does not even deserve 1 star if there was a negative star rating it would go here. All I can advise any people that have any common sense is DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU VALUE YOU LIFE!!! Dr. David Bixler is a discriminatory racist and literally discriminated against me in front of my accompanying parties. In addition this he requested the nurses do blood work and urinalysis. I studied to be an RN, I am no idiot. As soon as Dr David Bixler made is discriminatory comment, he said he was sending me home with an antibiotic and a medication I am allergic to. I once again repeated to him that I was allergic to this medication and he ignored me from then on. In addition to this I had been there less than 2 hours. It takes 2 hours or more to get results from urinalysis and blood work. No one made reference to any of this. A male nurse named “Jeff” is completely rude and incompetent, and got an attitude with me when I refused to be given an antibiotic when nothing had been done to diagnose me. Fed up and erratic with this still suffering from my symptoms I was driven to the nearest hospital an hour away and they actually ran test and diagnostics and found what IS REALLY WRONG WITH ME. WHICH IS NOTHING NEAR WHAT DAVID BIXLER CLAIMED IS WRONG WITH ME. I HOPE THE OWNERS OF THIS FACILITY READ THIS AND I WILL SEE YOU DAVID BIXLER IN COURT FOR DISCRIMINATION!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Leticia Turney

They did blood work on my 3 year old and were I incredibly patient and compassionate throughout the process.

Rating: 5 /5

Amanda Stewart

Rating: 5 /5

Dennis Boin

Rating: 3 /5

Jayme Chandler