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76 Veterans Ave, Bath, NY 14810, USA
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Consumer feedback about Bath Va Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

John Doe

By far the worst VA out of all the VA's. Their are some amazing staff at the Hospital and the DRRTP Substance abuse residential rehab. And then there is the staff that are a downright waste of taxpayers money and a waste to the Veterans they do not serve. Certain employees cannot even share with their co-workers what med's they take or even what issues they suffer from for fear of judgement. If they judge their own co-workers I can only imagine the stuff they say about the patients that are addicts. They do not fact check a patients records before putting progress notes in and then put the blame on the patient, sometimes in a way that appears to be retaliation against patients so they can kick them out. When you bring to their attention their mistakes, they do not amend them, they say they do not have to look at a patients missed classes before trying to write them up. Wrong VA guidelines make them responsible for the patients whereabouts not the patient. they lie, they change their stories. Some of their own past staff have told me how much Bath sucks as well as many other Veterans as well as some of my own people back at my home VA have said I am not the first to complain and they now try not to send any patients to Bath, They say their program is 4 to 6 months yet deny anything past 4 months in most cases, and now they want to make it a 3 month stay, yet VA policy says that the length of stay in any mental health Domiciliary is up to 1 year and anything after 1 year requires approval. The Retirement home patients have been putting complaints in for the poor treatment they receive, and one even asked me for numbers to the OIG to report things. They do not like to be recorded even though it is 100% legal for a patient or even co-worker to do in private as long as the person recording is part of the conversation being recorded. What is wrong with a patient recording an appointment or team meeting to play it back later or use it to report wrong doing? They say they feel it breaks the trust barrier. Of course they do they are guilty of lying, the good staff that help the Vets and their co-workers have no issue with it. They make decisions about a patients treatment without the patient even there. Again violation of VA guidelines. staff that have nothing to do with a patients overall recovery other than helping them transition back to society, try to run meetings like they are the primary social worker or addiction therapist. Yet they pick and choose who they are kind to and who they want gone and they will put in files before hand that prove this by saying a patient was late because of a medical appointment but other than that the patient had no valid excuse to be late. BS medical appointments override all other appointments. Files go missing one day and then 3 days later there are records that were not there the day before. I could keep going on and on and I have all the documents to back up the neglect of patients that goes on here as well as what appears to be retaliation, falsified documents, yada, yada, yada. But as much growth as I made here from the counselors that do help, to the fellow Veterans that support each other, to what I found within myself while meditating in the National Cemetery. The main issue I got help with was my trust issues and I got a little better with not being Vigilante so much, that all came back. I got better treatment from living life on life's terms while dealing with all the BS that goes on at this place as well as all the BS tactics tried on me that I was able to overcome by researching policies and telling them when they were wrong. I have gone backwards in many ways, I do not leave my house unless it is for appointments with my counselors I trust through a VA that is now #1 for Mental Health Treatment in the U.S. I am back on constant guard unless my dog is near me to sense anything before I can. And many I was with used while in Bath and not many have stayed sober after. I hate this VA and I would not even recommend it to anyone. If it were not for Veterans they would not have jobs

Rating: 5 /5

Tracy Yarbrough

The Bath VA is what every other location should strive to be like. Unlike the others I've been too Bath makes sure I'm taken care of. No issue is ever left unresolved or treated insignificantly.

Rating: 4 /5

Kaiser Sosay

..excellent facility..

Rating: 4 /5

Michael Rudd

You have to see for yourself to believe it. Very nice. Reminds me of Germany!

Rating: 5 /5

Thomas Peters

The staff is great here ! I just love them.