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Consumer feedback about Baxter Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Kelly Bailey

My husband about a year to two years ago went by ambulance because he had a massive nose bleed and it was coming out his eye. I got a phone call to go to the hospital. I got to the hospital and the receptionist at the ER desk was nothing but rude, and wouldn't tell me if my husband had made it in or not. Finally a nurse came and got me after 45 minutes to take me into the back. The nurse didn't know I was waiting for him until she came out to ask. My husband was sitting in this really small room in what looked like a dental chair, hunched over a trash can. He was still bleeding out his nose, he said he felt like he was going to be sick, and he was sweating so much his shirt was drenched in sweat. No nurse to be found on the floor or at the nurses station. After I threw a big fit 8-9 nurses show up. The doctor comes in and examines him and said they need to cauterize his sinuses because they were causing the bleeding. He gets a nurse to come in to run the machine while he cauterizes. The nurse didn't know how to run, let alone care. She was back talking the doctor the whole time. He asked her several times to run the machine. she said she didn't know how, and if he wanted it to work, he should do it. If I get in a situation where I need to go to the hospital, I'll go to Harrison.

Rating: 1 /5

Dave Hicks

I should have left a review sooner, had i known. I had ankle repair surgery in Feb 2016. Surgery started at 5 AM I was released at 10 AM I wasn't recovered from the anesthesia,I felt a little dopey.My specialist doctor ( I'm happy with) came in and asked how are you doing, I said fine,but you tell me. He says"Evert thing went great and they're releasing you" I say it's 10 AM He said "they don't want to keep you all day". Nurse comes in with a walker I say I can't use that flimsy thing.She said "it will hold you" I'm 6'180 lb I proceed to bend it on trying to stand. I asked my wife to get my own walker from the car. Shouldn't need your own equipment to check out. Disappointed I was sent home still feeling drugged. According to my wife, I passed out on the way home.I feel that ,with my surgery over and I was still breathing = Make Room for another.

Rating: 2 /5


Two stars is being generous after driving an hour and sitting in the er for 3 hours miserable and barely able to breathe only because my Dr office is so over booked u couldn't get in the apn on staff Thursday walked in and in less than 5 min tells me I have viral infection. Wow I can self diagnose just as good as him did he do labs to rule out bacteria NO did he do xrays as to why my lungs are in a vice and I can't breathe NO. He didn't even do a simple UA. Never have I seen a Dr so smart he can diagnose someone without a single test. Biggest waste of my time. And now after 5 days im still so sick I can barely move waiting on the new week to see a knowlegable Dr. Baxter you sure have went down hill with your staff.

Rating: 4 /5

Patricia Eaton

My experience with this hospital was a positive one. I was transported to the ER by ambulance and from the time I arrived until I was released 3 days later I received excellent care. They were quick to diagnose my illness and were very responsive to any requests I has. I can't say that I enjoyed my hospital experience but if I had to be in the hospital this one was good. I can especially appreciate it now that I am staying with my sister in another hospital in Fayetteville that is so grossly understaffed as to be dangerous for their patients. Keep up the good work Baxter Regional.

Rating: 1 /5

Connie Buchanan

I brought my 77 year old mother into the ER on the advice of our GPC. What a joke. Waited over 6 hours. Poorest bedside manor ever! I wouldn’t recommend anyone to this facility!