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Consumer feedback about Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart Health System

Rating: 1 /5

Josh Walls

Waited on my father to just give a blood sample and now going on 2 hours. By far the worst business and idiot staff. Terrible business DO NOT GO HERE!!!! Wish I could give less than one star. Staff needs to be fired. Awful and lazy! Not to mention all out of shape and move like snails literally. Zombie crew. DO NOT COME HERE.

Rating: 1 /5

Jamie Haire

Do not go to this hospital. Had a heart beat of 150 beats per min. Blood in my stool call the call a nurse and was told to go to the closest ER. So went to Bay medical as that is the hospital that has done my mother good. They put in the wrong info. Put me in the waiting area to fast track me. This hospital's staff is very very rude. Was told they had not even got to eat and they would be with me when they got a chance. WARNING this hospital is going to kill people with there lack of care

Rating: 5 /5

Bob Greene

On October 30, 2017, I had my finger get slammed in a car doors. I looked and a large amount of flesh had been severed from left middle finger. The ER staff was very professional and even though I was losing blood on a towel that I had brought from home hoping to somehow stop the bleeding. The ER staff put me in the fast track which I really appreciated. Dr Phillip Nunnery was at the hospital and entered the ER to examine my finger. His vast experience enabled him to diagnose the finger and told me that by cutting my finger off to the first joint would be the best path to person. He looked at me and said, “If I had this mangled finger, that is what I would want. He was very detailed oriented and stitched my blood vein to stop further bleeding. I don’t know what the numbing injection was but I was happy because I felt nothing. He put in in the hospital overnight and said we would perform the surgery in the morning. The next morning, Dr Nunnery was able to remove the skin and bone required and the surgery lasted under 30 minutes. At no time did any admin people appear rude or like they were doing you a favor. They were checking on me to ensure all was ok and it was. No one came up to me and demanded money or anything. Everyone made me feel that I made the right choice for the ER. Dr Nunnery called in a couple of prescriptions for possible infections and pain. My finger has been feeling better every day and I had my first follow up appointment today and everything was looking wonderful. My opinion for Bay Medical and Dr Nunnery is very high and very professional. The only negative item was the first assistant attempted to connect an IV but missed both times. The second attempt was the most pain I felt and made my eyes cross but a more experience nurse took over and everything was great from that time on. Even though I had gone through a lot that day, the ER staff and Dr Nunnery were the best ! —- Robert Greene 11/06/2017.

Rating: 4 /5

Al Kikuts

I went to the ER because of blood in the urine. After a speedy triage, had a bit of a wait to get into the ER but, I did not consider it unusual. A doctor arrived soon and diagnosed my problem. Supporting staff were friendly and helpful. After being admitted, The nursing staff were attentive and helpful. I'm sorry others may have had a bad experience but, I certainly did not . Thank you all.

Rating: 1 /5

Danny Adkinson

By far the worse place to ever go to be treated for anything unless you want to be treated like you are garbage. The ICU was filthy, there was blood on the ER doors for 4 days and counting. And that was after they were made aware of it. And after ICU in a regular room my family member had to sleep on the floor. The new lobby has lots of chairs and tables to look at but no place to be able to sit or be comfortable in the room with loved ones. The worse hospital ever!