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Consumer feedback about Bayfront Health Port Charlotte

Rating: 5 /5

Valerie Miller

I gave birth here to my son and my entire experience was excellent!!! I had luckily been given a room with 2 beds after the birth that way my fiance was more comfortable staying with us the whole time. They made sure I had everything I needed every time they checked on us. I felt like I was getting top notch care round the clock. I really enjoyed the food too! And the baker of the hospital himself actually brought me the best cupcake Ive EVER had--and I used to work at a custom cake bakery! My time there was so peaceful and happy that sometimes I wish I could go back! Lol. Thank you Bayfront for giving me a once in a life time amazing experience with my son and fiance. If you are having a baby- Go to Bayfront Port Charlotte!!

Rating: 5 /5

Sara Lambert

Had a baby here earlier this year and everyone involved was incredibly nice and proficient. I've been returning regularly for the breastfeeding support group run by Jocelyn since then. She does an amazing job providing guidance to everyone and facilitating discussions. I can't wait to see what she has to say at the workshop she's speaking at later this week. I'm sure she'll have draw in more attendees for the group with her warm manner and wide knowledge base. I'm so glad Bayfront keeps such a personable staff and provides so much support to new mothers!

Rating: 1 /5

Carl Hurd

Looks like the staff is new,nurses are recent grades and are hitting the ground running.Great kids A few others not so much. Poorly managed,held me For first three days to rule out T B Had pneumonia Most of the staff/techs doing tests say they do that Often $$$. Performed unbelievable amount of tests and still left With pneumonia , doctors drag their feet making decisions one different doctor after another.. Getting discharge was another series of events that was incredible. Not the worst experience of my life but it isn’t far from it. Warning DO not be held in house arrest at their facility to rule out TB ** almost blew contrast in my veins for a CAT I have kidney disease but the port failed I think God was watching over me..overlooked by staff

Rating: 5 /5

Salvatore Vigliotti

Absolutely Amazing. The Hospital has been completely revamped. Clean, New and a very knowledgeable staff with genuine concern for a patients well being. I am a firm believer in praise when a company deserves it. Bay Front has really stepped it up and it shows. I recently spent a night here for some diagnosis and have to say they are very thorough and very well mannered. Fives Stars and beyond way to go you guys should be very proud of your accomplishments. I would recommend this hospital to anyone I know and love.

Rating: 5 /5

Oksana Petrenko

I had babies in this hospital for three years in the row and I must say my worst experience was in 2016. When came back in October 2017 I was totally shocked how staff and overall service were improved. Staff was polite and respectful, every 15-20 min. they were checking on me, I always had enough of whatever I asked them. My hubby stayed with me for three days and they even checked on him asking if he needs anything else. Honestly, after this stay my hopes and expectations were met 100%. If I have to come back it would be Bayfront for sure. Again, I am comparing past three years and this time overall I would give them 100%. I was very happy!