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68 reviews

About Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital

Baylor Scott & White Heart and Vascular Hospital is fully dedicated to the treatment of patients with heart conditions and cardiovascular disease.
The Heartplace BHVH offers a full range of cardiovascular diagnostic testing. This includes exercise stress testing, nuclear stress testing, diagnostic cardiac ultrasound, as well as stress testing with echocardiographic imaging, vascular imaging, and arrhythmia monitoring.

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(68 reviews)

Marion Lathem

My wife had cervical cancer, the first operation, I didn't care for Baylor, I didn't bring my mobility scooter, the walking just killed me. I could not borrow a wheel chair, people keep running off with them. My wife's second surgery, I brought my scooter, my wife has done well, everyone was so nice,and the ladies in the Roberts Family room are just tops in every way. I broke down and 2 kind hostess prayed with me, I think them all so much. Texas Oncology had trouble with the surgery time, but Dr. Divine is an awesome doctor, so is her staff. The nurses on the floor. Know what they are doing, and are kind. Lyle lathem

Patti Bonner

It has been an amazing journey and a rewarding one! Spent 6 days here after getting a new Aortic valve and a new lease on life. The staff is very friendly and caring,!

Eric Hurst

Love this place. Taking grey care of my uncle Randy.

Marie Luzzatto

The absolute best care I have ever had, everybody, from the wheel chair attendant, to the nurses, to the labs, to the best doctors in the world, to me at least, I feel so grateful to all of them for making me so comfortable and so relaxed about my diagnosis. They explained to me what treatment I will have and I trust them implicitly. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my care. Thank you!

Janice Smith

Customer service began before we entered the door. Every person there made a point of making sure we were attended to. We're so thankful and appreciative. No one expects to have a heart problem, but if you's the place to go.