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182 reviews

About Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton

Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton is a full-service, 216-bed acute care community hospital located in Carrollton, Texas. The hospital provides emergency services along with trauma care and intensive care unit.
The main featured services of Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton are women’s services, orthopedics, vascular services, weight loss surgery, wound care, cancer care, and senior health care with more than 50 specialties.
Baylor Carrollton is accredited by the Joint Commission as a chest pain center and is a Center of Excellence in bariatric surgery.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.8
(182 reviews)

J Me J

My husband and my mother both had major surgeries here and it was fantastic. I highly recommend for your scheduled and er visits. Do remember that medicine is a practice not a perfect. Also, be kind. Do not use the hospital as your personal dr office or treat it as a hotel stay.

Michael Hall

Dr. Lopez and her team saved my son’s life. We came into the hospital at 10pm on Saturday when my newborn son was very ill. Despite all odds and no pediatric ER; they stabilized him and got him ready for transport to a NICU. The did an amazing job of healing them. God bless them that night, because if it weren’t for them my son would not be alive.

Jaqueline Rodriguez

This is the worst hospital ever, the Er need better service and they seem like white people more then colored people. I went Yestrday for chest pain waited 2hr for a room. The only nice person you have are the ones that take paticent to do test. Please stay away.

Christophe Truong

Excellent service, great doctors and staff. I overheard someone mention that they were impressed by the cleanliness of the hospital. And even though the Labor and Delivery department closed(Carrollton is an old town), they will still handle active labor.)

Lady Aethelwyne

This is the worst hospital I have ever been to. Do not go here, go to Texas Health instead. The nurses are careless, slow, and incompetent. They have major communication issues and just expect the families of patients to sit there and wait without telling them anything. The building is oddly arranged and horribly designed. The cafeteria food isn't good and they close it at 4:30. If you're here on a weekend, good luck getting anyone to talk to you at all. There are no people working at the front desk to greet people, there is no gift shop. The emergency room is full of cheap chairs and they don't even have a proper check in desk. They gave my dad a blood infection when he went in for a simple hip replacement surgery, he ended up staying for 20 days and the care worker Julie Fitzgerald failed to facilitate a transfer to a skilled nursing facility so he did not end up receiving the best rehabilitation possible. This hospital only wants money, they'll get as much as they can from your insurance then kick you out when it's all gone.