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About Baylor Medical Center at Irving

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving is a nonprofit Hospital based in Irving, TX. The medical center is an acute care hospital providing patient care services to the residents of Irving, Texas, and the surrounding communities since 1964.
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Irving provides advanced health care services in heart and vascular care, diagnostic imaging, digestive disorders, physical medicine and rehabilitation, cancer prevention diagnosis and treatment, orthopedic surgery, and emergency medicine.
The facility has 293 beds and affiliated with Baylor Scott & White Health.

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(275 reviews)

Kenneth Hirshman

From the moment I arrived on a Sunday morning 10 day ago in the ER, I was treated professionally and in a timely manner. My condition quickly escalated very seriously. I was admitted to PCU and then CCU and finally to Telemetry floor 4 North. I am happy to say I was discharged today. Each and every one of the nurses, doctors, techs saw to my every need in each of the departments. Everyone was kind and caring. My case might have taken a different turn if it weren't for the care and concern I received at this hospital. I am grateful, to say the least.

Aracely Chavarria

I’ve been bringing my kids here for 6 years with no previous issues. Dr. Kay and the staff is great. Their billing department on the other hand, is a total scam. I keep getting billed for some visits that I already payed and I got charged a copay fee on a annual check up which was fully covered by my insurance. Beware of extra charges and keep receipt of everything, because they will send you a bill months later after your visit.

William Marcia

My name is William, and I usually don't write reviews on hospitals but this has got to be THE WORST experience ever. - I have a certain blood disease/disorder that sometimes flares up out of control, so I have to go to the ER for pain management. Most of the time when in the ER they decide on whether or not I should be admitted and unfortunately this time I was... This is my experience at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center - Irving; I was admitted due to chronic pain, low blood count and a migraine. At first it was all normal, my nurse came in when I pressed the call button, helped with pain control, made sure I had everything I needed. But as soon as the first shift change came in EVERYTHING changed- I was laying in bed with really bad pain so I pressed the call button, the guy answered and I let him know what was going on... waited 15 minutes (I'm not the type of patient to rush a nurse because I know they can get busy at times) so I went ahead and pressed the button again, and again explained what was going on... waited another 15 min.... this went on for an hour and a half, which by then I was having some kind of reaction to the blood I was being given. My legs, arms, chest, face ALL went numb, my breathing slowed, my vision went black, I kept pushing the call button until I yelled out and begged a passing nurse to help me- the nurse came into my room and tried everything she could with little knowledge of what I was going through then I blacked out.. What seemed to be hours but only minutes went by before MY designated nurse decided to come to my room to check on what was going on, not because I pressed the call button or yelled out for help but because "she wanted in on the action". I truly believe that if you come to this hospital you better be ready to die alone. After being given something to calm my pain NO NURSE/DOCTOR came to check in on my health, well being, comfort-ability for the next 6-8 hours. So to make this already long story a bit shorter, you will NEVER see a DOCTOR you will only ever see a NURSE every 4-6 hours if you're lucky... Honestly, you see the kitchen staff a hell of a lot more than your care providers.. I'm writing this at 9:43AM it's been 2 hours and 33 minutes since I asked for my medication. -- I died alone in this hospital, that says a lot about the staff working this operation. so AMA I go.

Camille Christine

QUICK RESPONSE...EXCELLENT CARE!!! I have been seen in the ER twice in the last two months for separate illnesses. I was first seen in August for an allergic reaction that resulted in my throat closing slightly, making it difficult to breathe and talk. I was quickly taken to an exam room, where my nurse started an IV (almost painlessly...and I'm a hard stick) and the on call doctor examined me and began treatment. She also recognized it was a possible reaction to my hypertension medication Lisinopril, and shared documentation and public web images that were very similar to my reaction. I was successfully treated and released and given a new prescription for hypertension...I haven't had any problems since. I had a second ER visit this month (October) because of pain in the left side of my neck, and weakness/numbness in my left arm. I was immediately taken back to have a CT of my head and chest (stroke protocol/procedure). I was very scared and even began crying, and the tech and nurses were very kind and reassuring during the scan. Once again, the on-call doctor was attentive, thorough, and kind. I was transferred to the CDU for overnight observation. The nurses took care of every need I had, immediately...even when my blood sugar dropped before my transport from the ER. Once in the CDU, they immediately answered each time I pressed my call button, helped me control my pain and made sure I understood my discharge instructions. I've been ill a lot throughout my life, and I have to say this is the BEST hospital experiences I've ever had. God bless the Baylor Irving staff!

Ashley Wilson

I gave birth here some months ago and I am still traumatized by the treatment I received at this hospital. What was supposed to be the happiest time of my life was ruined by this place. Nurses were rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. Labor and delivery was a nightmare but the postpartum side was even worse due to the rude, negligent staff. Nurses on both sides made rude, belittling comments. During my stay I had only ONE nurse who actually did her job and discussed some events that occurred during my labor that NO OTHER NURSE BOTHERED TO INFORM ME ABOUT. And this wasn't until DAY 3 of my stay! I was LIED to and OVERLOOKED the ENTIRE stay. I ended up being readmitted and was overlooked by staff yet again! Like I said, it's been MONTHS and I am still disgusted and saddened by the treatment I received here. But hey, me and my baby survived so that's all that counts right?