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  • Baylor Scott & White Emergency Medical Center – Cedar Park

Baylor Scott & White Emergency Medical Center – Cedar Park

MedicalRecords.com Rating
27 reviews
MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.6
27 reviews

About Baylor Scott & White Emergency Medical Center – Cedar Park

Baylor Scott & White Emergency Medical Center is a standalone emergency department that focuses solely on providing comprehensive emergency care to patients of all ages.
Although most of their patients are treated and released the same day, some cases may require an overnight stay for observation or ongoing critical care. In those cases, they help facilitate a smooth transfer to the appropriate specialty hospital.

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MedicalRecords.com Rating 2.6
(27 reviews)

Wayne Munger

I had to go in for what ended up being appendicitis. The staff was incredibly nice and knowledgeable. They communicated well the whole time. They made the process so easy from entry to transfer. I felt well cared for during the stay. 10/10 would use again if the need arises.


Staff is nice. Dr was very rude and seemed stuck up.

Rothgar Strykula

Does not exist. And while trying to find this. The police pulled me over because it's a construction site.

Michelle Fischer

My husband had to get stitches at this ER and we were told he could come back in a week and get them out, as it was included in the visit. When we went, they said they had recently “changed that policy” and weren’t able to do it now. The Doctor and his nurses each told us that part of the service was for them to take the stitches out. He would have made an appt with his primary care physician if he known. Now, the stitches have to stay in longer (not good) and he has to wait until Monday to try and get an appt with his Primary Care doctor.

Robert Abbey

I went in after a car accident they were awesome. NO complaints. NO issues. good to know that they are a full ER, for all the crazy comments, yes to answer your questions, you are walking into an emergency room, so your going to be charged emergency room prices regardless of your service. and for the lady who thinks that they are to drop everything and take care of your child first. news flash this is an emergency room, you are seen by how sever your injury's are regardless. and by the way there is a urgent care for kinds right across the street. use your head instead of blaming everyone else and making them out to be the bad ones. the building does have a sign on it that says emergency medical center. well go figure. LOL great work guys. thanks for all that you do.