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Consumer feedback about Baylor Scott &Amp; White Medical Center Garland

Alyssa Sunberg
Alyssa Sunberg

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

My original review has not changed in terms of the hotel, but I ended up hating Freshiis, the healthy place to eat. I strongly recommend that if you are going to be there you might want to bring some groceries. You should have a refrigerator in your room. I am having kidney stone surgery and this time I'll stock the refrigerator with things I like to eat. I'm all for healthy, but Freshiis missed the boat and was never consistent in their food. And I won't pay $$ for bottled water when I can bring what I like from home.

Steena Beena
Steena Beena

1 out of 5 stars

posted 10 hours ago

HORRIBLE experience. As someone who has had tons of different PCP’s in 4 states and as a RN, this place is just awful. It’s all a facade. They think because they have the Baylor name that they’re better than others but it’s far from the truth. Let me share:
-Waited 1 hour to be seen from appt time.
-Huge conglomerate with multiple waiting rooms for you to wait in after initial waiting room. This provides the illusion that they don’t have a wait but is far from the truth.
-Was forced to fill out medical questionnaire in lobby, then asked same questions by medical assistant, then Dr asked me exact questions. That is simply pathetic on its own, but let me continue...
-PCP (Philip) didn’t listen to anything I said. If I gave her an answer she didn’t like or was too long for her to chart, she would just cut me off and go to next question. It was all a race to get her charting done, despite the fact it was my first visit. Truly had the feeling I was just another paper patient. She didn’t even smile. She walked in and said “what are you here for?” I was taken aback and said “I’m here to establish care as your new patient”. I assumed she should know the obvious as I wrote it and said it 3 times within my lovely hour long wait.
-They refer to their Medical Assistants as “nurses”. What a scam. It’s so disrespectful and inconsiderate to those with higher degrees to refer to them as nurses. Methodist and THR do not do that. They know better.
-The PCP kept pushing and pushing to tell me over and over to NEVER go to the ED and went on and on about all the hours they are open. This is truly the only thing she talked about at any length. I imagine they must get kickbacks or commended if their patients stay out of the ED. Seemed inappropriate and very pushy. Really made me lose what little trust I had in this clinic. I’m a grown adult.. don’t tell me when I should go to the ED and when I should walk in to this horrible clinic. Your new furniture doesn’t impress me. It does not equate quality care!
-I had to tell PCP what blood work I wanted done. Then she says they don’t do it in the office and I had to go to Quest. Very frustrating. You shouldn’t have to go wait another hour plus at a lab draw place. Your PCP’s office, esp “Baylor” should have contracts with most insurance companies to have it done in house. But, nope, yet again, you’re losing quality of care. They would rather outsource it than keep their patients healthier by not having to go somewhere else for simple blood work.
-Imaging place next door, Touchstone Imaging, was just the cherry on top. This is who they refer you to. They had an hour wait for a simple X-ray with only one person in front of me. It was laughable. Is this the best your big bully name can do? Then, the imaging place has the audacity to call me on Sundays to tell me to come in then because they were slow. Have to be kidding me! Have some self respect and don’t call me on Sundays.
PLEASE go to Methodist or THR providers. You deserve better care! ;)

Andrew Mcdanuel
Andrew Mcdanuel

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Dr. Phillips is the best Doc i ever met....even though she gets onto me about my sugar being so high.....Doc is the best....And the facility is awesome!!!

Matha Goram
Matha Goram

3 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Teething issues aside, the new facility is part for the course. Understand the challenges but better diversity for snacks would be welcome in lieu of the shops across the turnpike.

Branden La Follette
Branden La Follette

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Dr.Clark is fantastic. All the Dr's here are great. Treat you like family!

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