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20 reviews

To access your medical records from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Garland after being discharged, you may request copies of the finalized patient record through Health Information Management. You must complete the authorization form in advance to get a copy of your records. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Garland believes that your health information is personal and keeps records of the care and services delivered at their facilities. They are committed to keeping health information private and respect patient’s confidentiality.

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Teresa Rayner

When I came to your urgent care clinic I saw a PA and got a prescription. Now i have a bill for $126.99. I went to a different urgent care clinic earlier this year, I saw a real Doctor, got 2 shots and a prescription for the same sinus infection. I only paid $50 urgent care co pay. Can you please check that you have billed correctly? No one is answering me. I will not ever be back to your clinic.

Tim Damiani

I am a longtime patient at this place and of Dr Day. But when I tried to make an appointment today I was told that I am no longer considered a patient since I haven't been there in three years, and Dr Day is not accepting "new" patients. They gave me the option to see a nurse practitioner in a month or a Doctor in 3 months. I can't use the after hours or walk in service either since I'm not considered a patient anymore. The receptionist suggested I go to care-now about the lump in my abdomen.

Saphora Khalidi

My parents have seen these doctors for years, and they have consistently gotten worse. Their doctor does not even know what she writes for their take home care instructions. It's clearly written that the doctor said to stop a medication, and when asked why, we are told that the doctor did not say to stop the medication. The nursing staff is very rude. They hung up on me in the middle of me asking a question. It seems like it's a pain for them to answer patient questions. This place is fine for walk-in, one time need type things, but I would not recommend for long term care.

Justin Powell

My family and I have been going to FMC since moving back to Dallas. Dr McMillin and her staff are great. We couldnt ask for a better team to take care of our health needs. This review is about the new facilities. The new building and offices are nice but they have lost the warmth of the original building. Now that they have moved all offices to one location its a mad house everytime I go in. I tried to call today and had to wait for 20 minutes to talk to someone. The lights are all bright white and the building isnt decorated with any colors. It honestly feels like going in to a hospital more than a family doctors office. I will continue to go here because we all love Dr. McMillin and staff but I'm not a fan of the new facilities.

Kerri Gay

Having been a patient of this practice for over 30 years imagine how shocked i was when I called to make an appointment and I was told that since I had not been seen in a couple of years that I was no longer considered a patient and they were not accepting new patients. It didn’t even matter that I had brought my daughter in there 2-3 times this year alone. If this is how Baylor Scott and White does business then shame on them!