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192 reviews

About Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Grapevine

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Grapevine is a 302-bed acute care facility. It is a fully accredited not-for-profit hospital serving the residents of the Dallas & Fort Worth region.
The hospital’s emergency room features the only Level II Trauma Center in Northeast Tarrant County.
Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Grapevine offers a range of medical services including heart and vascular care, women and children service with a dedicated women’s center, neurosciences, stroke, orthopedics, spine, diagnostic imaging, and neonatal intensive care.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 3.2
(192 reviews)


I’m a 100 % disabled Navy Veteran, and received approval from the VA to go to a non-VA hospital ER. I decided to go to Baylor Hospital at Grapevine ER, because of my past experiences several years ago. When I was finally put in a room in the ER. I was greeted by Ron a physician assistant not a doctor. I explained that I could not lift my right arm over my head and that I had previously had a rotator cuff surgery on the same shoulder a few years back. He never tested my range of motion. I then explained that my left foot was throbbing, I was in excruciating pain, and unable to put any weight on it. The Physicians Assistant then advised that he would not order an MRI because if they did that on everyone it would cost millions of dollars. After waiting for some time an X-RAY tech. came in my room and took X-RAY’s. I had to ask several times for something for my pain and was given a morphine pill. I have never in my life been given a morphine pill in an ER. It is usually a shot and that pill did little to help my pain. The PA came back in, and he said there was a lot of swelling. He told me to follow up with a podiatrist and see my regular doctor. This is the poorest service I have ever had. The emergency room was empty when I arrived around 2:30 in the afternoon. They told me they had been busy all day and yet I heard someone scolding the people at the nursing station for inventory questions and not getting their work done. Additionally they spent a lot of time cracking jokes and laughing outside my room which was more distressing since I was in a lot of pain. There was clearly no sense of urgency to help me. My wife placed a call to the patient advocate because we were so upset about the way I was treated and to top it off the call was not returned. My wife had to wheel me in to the ER and I was not offered a wheelchair When I left even though they knew I couldn’t walk. Since when does a hospital not take a patient to the door in a wheelchair? They certainly don’t at this hospital.

Nadia Shah

I've been here about an hour with my parent, brought in with symptoms of a heart attack. Half hour with aspirin ( ultra first line treatment,) and only given at my request. No EKG for an hour. No doctor has seen us yet. While waiting in the Waiting room, I watched a triage nurse wheel a little old lady back, clearly against her will, as she was waiting for her doctor. It was so sad to see. Meanwhile, we asked to see a physician, and the nurse was so rude to us. I used to to think this was a good hospital. Wouldn't come back here again.

Jon Kinch

Worst resort I've stayed a week at in a long time. There was no pool, no mini bar, there was room service but they poked me frequently with needles, and they had a thing about wanting to check my temperature and blood pressure constantly. The staff was very nosey, but they did had food that was cooked to order. They also wanted me to wear a uniform that didn't have a back to it, I respectfully declined this request besides when they wanted to knock me out for a test. They also made me give into pear pressure and do drugs, but they drugs did make me feel better. Before I went here I was miserable with all sorts of medical issues, I left far less miserable. The wifi was also a nice touch, and unlike other hotels and resorts I didn't have to pay for it. I also found out I'm a vampire apparently, because they gave be blood. I'd perfer to go to a resort near the beach next time I need a vacation, but if you want a different vacation resort experience I highly recommend. It's excuse too, I only got in because of a Dr recommendation. Even then I still had to be approved when I came in, and I was pale and not looking great but they still let stay for a week.

Sabrina Chowdhury

I’m honestly in shock. My brother has been to the emergency room 5 times this month- three times this week. Went back last night, as was recommended since his conditioning was worsening, the doctor didn’t help at all. Didn’t even give him iv fluids, considering he hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything in over 48 hours, I would assume proper care would take place. I was wrong. Disappointed. She was extremely rude too.

Elaine Nguyen

Normally Baylor hospitals are the best places to be in. But this is the ABSOLUTE WORST hospital. My mother was admitted and the nurses and staff have been rude. Y’all need to get it together.