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Consumer feedback about Baylor Scott &Amp; White Medical Center Grapevine

Nadia Shah
Nadia Shah

2 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I've been here about an hour with my parent, brought in with symptoms of a heart attack. Half hour with aspirin ( ultra first line treatment,) and only given at my request. No EKG for an hour. No doctor has seen us yet. While waiting in the Waiting room, I watched a triage nurse wheel a little old lady back, clearly against her will, as she was waiting for her doctor. It was so sad to see.
Meanwhile, we asked to see a physician, and the nurse was so rude to us.
I used to to think this was a good hospital. Wouldn't come back here again.

Mustardstain504 D
Mustardstain504 D

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

These facilities shouldn't be in operation. I normally don't go to the trouble to leave feedback of this nature but it is warranted.
This is out of pure concern for others and wasn't limited to one incident or facility.
I went into Atrial fibrillation and looked up hospitals in our network. Three Baylor facilities were in our network. Baylor Scott and White in Grapevine, Southlake and Trophy Club were the closest. I got dressed and drove to the Southlake facility at 925 E. Southlake Blvd. I arrived about 0100 and to my surprise the doors were locked. There was a call box outside the door at the ER entry. I pushed the button and it rang. I received a short message and then onto the busy signal three times. I wound up leaving because no one answered the door. I started onto the next facility, which was at 2850 E. Texas 114 in Trophy Club. I walk into ER and advise I am in Atrial Fibrillation. They hand me a clip board and want me to fill out my life story instead of making sure the Atrial fib wasn't something else.
I ask three times to make sure that my my insurance is in network.
They finally take me back, run an EKG and confirm what I had already stated. Then the intake person comes back and tells me they don't take Blue Cross or my other insurance and there was no one on staff to deal with me and that they were out of network period.
I wound up getting up and leaving to go to a third facility. HEB.
Now onto a second encounter in the same week. I had a CCK Hidascan procedure scheduled for 09 Aug at 0830. I get up, take care business and start my way to the facility. I get a call telling me one of the cameras are down and I would have to reschedule. Travis advised me that because I was suffering and the test was to determine if immediate surgery was required I could come in Saturday morning. I got up at 0600 and dressed and drove in. I got to the hospital at the address. 1650 College in Grapevine. Not a soul to ask where to go, not one person answering the phone and no one in the lab. I wandered around for 25 minutes looking for someone. Finally I ran into who I assume is the receptionist.
He can't hardly speak English. He finally figures out the lab I needed to go to. He goes and some frazzled character comes out with him and proceeds to tell me both cameras are down now. By now I have been in the facility for an hour. The Dr. makes no arrangement to re-schedule. Then refused to allow me to come back through the doors I entered.
I had parked at the rear of the facility where the address on College is located. I wound up walking 3/4 on the street around the building and back to the rear lot associated with the address supplied for the procedure.
If this is how they operate for testing, how the hell could you EVER trust them with something truly life-threatening? My suggestion is to avoid their facilities. They are profit-driven and nothing else.
They could care less about your well-being and without a doubt have fallen below the standard.
I used to hold Baylor in high regard.
I suggest you avoid them and perhaps even boycott them. They could care less about you, your family or your health.

Cupcake Queen
Cupcake Queen

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Maybe I’m naive, but be warned that you should watch your belongings while in this hospital. I had a very expensive watch come up missing while I was there in January. While I was there, I wore the watch on the opposite wrist because of the location of my IV. Eventually, the IV was on the other wrist and I had to take it off entirely. Needless to say, after being released after 5 days, I made it home but my watch didn’t. I had a total of 2 visitors while I was there (my parents) and they said they saw it sitting there while I was in ICU. After getting the run around for 3 months between numerous people, I finally talked to an officer at the hospital who said he would look into it and investigate. Finally, someone was actually going to look. Well, after a couple of hours, he called back and said no one remembers me wearing a watch. 3 months later and hundreds of patients later and they specifically remember me not wearing a watch that me and my parent KNOW I had. Wow! It seems to me that if you trust these people with your life, you should be able to trust them with your personal belongings when you go in. I pray that I never have to be rushed to this hospital again. The last thing anyone should be worrying about in that situation, is taking off their jewelry and leaving their wallets at home. So disappointing, the level of incompetence and unprofessionalism. Not to mention a very special AND expensive watch is gone forever.

Austin Williams
Austin Williams

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

We had a baby in March, we chose this hospital and our doctor because they were in our insurance network. After getting home we received a bill for $13,000 from the Anesthesiologist. No one mentioned the anesthesiologist bills separately, the anesthesiologist never informed us of any costs for their services at the time, we can’t choose our anesthesiologist to make sure they are in network. When I called the hospital to ask/complain about the lack of disclosure of these important facts they just said it wasn’t their problem because the anesthesiologists are independent contractors. YOU CONTRACT WITH THE ANESTHESIOLOGIST GROUP. You absolutely can control at least the level of information given to the patients. This is such a scam it is no wonder our healthcare system is in the toilet. We will not be using this hospital again and advise everyone else to avoid them if possible

shehla k
shehla k

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

My father is admitted here due to fluid retention and kidney problems . We were taken care of in the ER but as soon as we got admitted and were moved to a room we got the most combative , rude, bossy male nurse . While taking information he was very short with my dad who was the patient, I stayed with my dad over night and asked him to bring my dad water which he said he doesn’t know if he can have water but will ask and then never came back ,(my dad has to have a certain amount of water ) when finally another person came in to do Sugar test I asked him when will my dad get his usual medication that he takes every day morning and night and had not taken his evening dosage due to us being in the hospital, the guy said he will ask our male nurse , 5 mins later the nurse came in and scolded me for asking for the medication .. I told him he needs to have his meds as he has multiple other issues and he said I will not give him anything because the doc hasn’t ordered anything ( this was at 12:30 AM at night)then he said “how do u know if these medicines are not causing all his problems” I told him we have been in and out of hospital for the last couple of months and he was always given his usual meds that he has to take everyday , he said well he is not getting any till the doc orders it .. I said I need to speak with the doc and he again shouted at me that “there is only one doc for the whole building and he is not going to leave everything and come see u “ I cannot believe how this man is a nurse !!! He is rude , dominating and should not be in this profession of care giving when he refuses to give any care . He left agin and I havnt seen him since ...what a horrible person to treat patients this way