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About Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Llano

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Llano is an Acute Care Hospital in Llano, TX. This facility has 27 total beds.
The hospital has agreed with Mid Coast Health System to transition the operations of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – Llano on Jan. 1, 2021.
Baylor Scott & White Health will continue to serve the Llano community through their clinic at 102 E. Young St. and the outpatient rehabilitation center at 1100 Ford St.

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  • Acute Care Hospitals
  • Short Term Acute Care

Licensed Beds 27

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0.05161644 Rating 2.9
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Alexandria Coker

This hospital has no care about their patients. My mom got into a major car accident and all they did was an x-ray. They never checked her abrasions for glass or her body. She has glass everywhere. Even in her hair they also never checked her for a concussion. Just absolute disregard for the patient. I called to file a formal complaint to the Texas medical board on the Dr Fatima Hatia, MD. She was absolutely the worst Dr I've ever met

Bradford Williams

To the google commentator: point by point "Not a hospital! Only a transfer station. Never go there with anything serious. They will only make you wait long enough for it to get worse and then send you to austion." First of all, did you get worse or die? The major challenge in general medicine is to triage that can wait, who needs care right away that is available and who needs a more advance level of care requiring transfer. I doubt you are qualified to know the difference so why don't you drive yourself to Austin (note the correct spelling) and save the staff the trouble. "and collect their Medicare money." Do you work for free? Do you expect the nursing staff and physicians to work for free? The years of study, experience and training necessary to know when to treat and when to transfer, is the most critical skill that the general practice physician develops. Most rural communities have lost their home town hospitals. So if you don’t like it drive to Austin. Again note the correct spelling.

Melissa Hernandez

I love all the nurses here! Even the er nurses! Definitely recommend it

Julia Fusilier

Terrible hospital. My grandfather was there for 6 days and not once did he receive a bath. Seriously?? That's a basic care skill that should never be skipped. Never come here if you have anything serious, they don't do anything to help you.

Heather Mc Smith

Not bad...nice nurses...the doctor's at least don't treat you like a number on an assembly line...decent food too...I should be moving to another facility today...