Bayside Community Hospital Rating
5 reviews
2.8 Rating 2.8
5 reviews

About Bayside Community Hospital

Bayside Community Hospital based in Anahuac, TX is dedicated to serving the community of Chambers County.
The hospital provides a wide range of services and specialties including a 24-hour emergency room, clinical laboratory, dietary & nutrition services, health education program, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, surgical services, inpatient surgery, outpatient surgery, and swing bed services, while the diagnostic services and imaging include x-ray, CT scans, and ultrasound.

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Emergency Services
  • Emergency Department
Emergency Service Available


Group Service


Hospital Type
  • Critical Access Hospitals
  • critical Access
Control Type
  • Governmental Hospital District
Subprovider Units
  • Swing Beds
Total Staffed Beds 14

Licensed Beds 14

Bed Utilization


Total Discharges


Total Patient Days


Total Patient Revenue

$22,778,780 Rating 2.8
(5 reviews)

Maurilio Torres

Need to take patients more seriously. It's called emergency for a reason.

Amanda McMillan

I don't normally leave reviews and especially not to complain or leave a bad one but I am pretty upset over the care my daughter was given over the weekend. I normally would not visit this hospital but I was in the area so we decided to give it a wirl. The nurse, Roxanne was very sweet. The Dr, Mrs. Nilius came in and didn't seem very pleased to be woken up from her nap to have to come deal with something so simple. She looked at my daughters throat and sent her on her way with meds for strep throat even though we had complained about her eye being red as well and blisters on her mouth and her ears hurting. I took her to her regular Dr. this morning and the poor kid was diagnosed with strep, a double ear infection, pink eye and infantigo on her lips and nose. How in the world as a Doctor do you fail to even look into the other symptoms! Not to even mention when we first walked in it looked like something off of a horror movie. All light where cut off in the lobby and not a single soul to be found anywhere. After 10 mins we finally found someone. I will not be coming back to this place and highly suggest you make an extra drive to Beaumont or Houston if you want quality care!

Estela Mondragon

Jaime Tellez

sherri cormier