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4637, 5452 Fort St, Trenton, MI 48183, United States
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Consumer feedback about Beaumont Hospital – Trenton

Rating: 2 /5

Maria Farmer

My doctor gave me a shot in the groin that required General Anesthesia. My husband has had two surgeries, ten years apart, at this center. I noticed subtle changes... There was considerable trouble inserting the IV into my hand (pics of the black and blue hand FOUR days after surgery. I was offered nothing for my pain, which was considerable on Saturday. My husband was given a form which looked like an application, in that it was an empty form. No post-op directions. I received a call today, TUESDAY, to ask how I was "feeling?" "Fine?" Did I miss the hurricane which knocked out all communication in SE Michigan between FRIDAY morning and the following Tuesday? I know my husband spoke with my doctor after my procedure, which is great. Please give a remedial class on IV needle insertion. Perhaps a call the day after the procedure is more appropriate. Sincerely, Maria Farmer

Rating: 5 /5

kevin sprague

Great bedside manner. Spent time educating me on my condition. Allowed me to make decisions which were best for me. Great supportive staff. Worth the wait. Also works for Wayne State University School of Medicine

Rating: 1 /5

Gabriel Ferguson

One of the worst encounters I have ever had with the Medical Community. We brought a family member into the ER for XYZ issue over the weekend. Our family member was in NO MENTAL SHAPE to be able to provide their own medical history. They simply put her in an ER room, and we waited. And waited. Now we understand that SOME wait time, in a hospital, is necessary. But this is more along the lines of bringing someone in on the weekend at 7:00 AM EST, by 11:00 AM EST, one nurse has seen them. By the time a Doctor showed up at 2:30 PM EST, he did a history. We then had to step outside with the doctor, and let them know that the family member was brought in for a MENTAL issue, not a physical heart issue. So he said he understood, and was going to admit the patient. Great. Wonderful. By 5:30 PM EST, the family member is STILL sitting in the ER waiting for a room. And they weren't busy. They were literally just sitting there, with maybe 2 other people. It was like: "During the Weekend, we take time off" sort of situation. One diligent nurse. Everyone else seemed more interested in gossiping with their work buddy. Finally, around 7:30 PM EST (yes, do the math, you heard that right), the family member is put in a room. An old room. With no modern equipment monitoring them, of any type. We go home, and go to bed, because we need some sleep. We return the next morning at 9:30 AM EST. We see no one. At all. We were waiting for the next check in on the family member, so we could provide the reason why she is here. We wait. We wait until 2:30 PM EST. Still no one but the orderly straightening up the room. By 3:30 PM EST, I hunt up a nurse, and give the history again, the best I can. This nurse, had NO IDEA that we had brought the family member in for a Mental Issue. They though it was a Heart problem. So I ask when the doctor is going to come. The nurse diligently got a hold of a Mental Health Doctor, and he came in an hour later. He told the family to be quiet, as he talked with the Family Member. Again, this family member is in NO shape to give an accurate history. He came in, in his jeans, very obviously in "the hospital on a Sunday on his day off". But that's ok, because I figure that this Mental Health professional knows what questions to ask about what's wrong. The family member gives factually INCORRECT answers. He then turns to the family, and off the information that was INCORRECT ... (gee, I don't know, the family member was brought in over a mental issue ... stands to reason the information was not correct), proceeds to bark us out ... DOES NOT ALLOW US TO ASK QUESTIONS ... barked one of my brothers out, tells us he will not stay on the floor of the hospital for even 15 minutes, and delivers an ultimatum that we must do XYZ, or he's going to have the family member committed to an institution, and he'll write the order. We were not even permitted time, as a family, to talk about it amongst ourselves. So basically, all told, we spend 32 hours at a hospital ... could not even FIND someone to ask questions to ... to be charged for something we knew ourselves, and barked out. SINGLE WORST ENCOUNTER WITH THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. I will never return to a Beaumont Center after that experience

Rating: 1 /5

Kelly VanSickle

Funny I posted a review Sunday and now it is gone. Terrible terrible experience. Nurse on 4th floor was rude and accusatory. My son didn't see a doctor for almost 24 hours for a bad infection. Stay away at all costs if you have any type of history with drugs. They will treat you like a piece of garbage!!! Shame on you!

Rating: 5 /5

Michelle Ward

I've had my mother here in serious condition on two occasions. Unfortunately she is currently in Hospice Care. Everyone from the cleaning staff, aides, techs, nurses and doctors at Southshore are nothing but top notch. Their compassion and kindness are wonderful during this very stressful time. I can't thank them enough.