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Consumer feedback about Beebe Medical Center

Beebe Healthcare
Reviewed from Google

2.7 out of 5 stars

S Illamo
S Illamo

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 days ago

My review is in reference to Beebe's patient portal system. Terrible. My Beebe doctors use a portal that is different from the one used by the Beebe hospital (different accounts are required for each). Results of labs or diagnostic tests done at a Beebe facility never make it to my portal, even though I request that they be shared. So, I then have to "manually" (telephone calls, emails) track them down and have them faxed. The idea is a good one, but no thought or provision was made to integrate all of the data. This is ALL Beebe data people! I also find the "messaging" feature available on the portals is of little use, as the staff rarely respond in a timely manner -- weeks sometimes. If you can't make it all work, or don't use it as intended, then pull the plug until you can get it right and make it a useful tool for patients. It's 2019!!

Jay Janowski
Jay Janowski

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Had to go to the ER while on vacation and had a really good stay here. They were very prompt to fix the issue I was dealing with and super nice and respectful. You can tell some of the low reviews people are giving are BS, and they are most likely leaving big parts of their story out..

Paige Kiefner
Paige Kiefner

1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 weeks ago

Their staff sucks. The wait time is ridiculous. So I left to go to another ER, I was that irritated. Needless today nanticoke is better.

Lesley Yingling
Lesley Yingling

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I am very dissatisfied with the care I received in the ER last Wednesday. My physical therapist recommended I go to the ER due to my symptoms. I felt like the doctor thought I was lying about my symptoms. After 2 hours I requested water but never did receive it. I was released after 4 hours when my husband walked up to the desk and said "I need to take her home because she is too uncomfortable here". The only advice received was to take Tylenol at home and make an appointment with a specialist. I was born at Beebe and had my child there also. I have had surgery there with no complaints. I will never use their ER again.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 3 days ago

On July 15, 2018 I fell and dislocated my elbow.

Paul Harriott was on call. He said he was going to need to use general anesthesia to pop my elbow back. (A reduction )
After I came out of anethisia I felt fine. I hadnt taken any pain meds and wanted to go home. He told me that a fracture was now worse and I needed surgery. I wanted to wait. He said he couldnt get anyone on the phone from N. Wilmington- where I live and that I could have complications if I waited and I was lucky that the OR had a spot that day and he could do the surgery repair that day.
My husband was with me, was concerned from all the stuff said.
I hadnt taken any pain meds and wanted to wait. Harriott never explained to me what he ended up doing to my arm. He said he needed to clean up the damage that was caused by both my fall and now his botched relocation that caused more fractures. He said he would use pins to repair or just remove the loose piece. I told him I didnt want anything screwed in my bone. He said he needed to use pins to replace the piece and that was all I consented to.

I didnt find out until 4 days later when he took my dressing off and I saw the xray, that he screwed a bolt in my arm. The bold looked too big and was perferated in some areas. I remebered hearing him say to one of his staff, he wasnt sure he,had the right size and now I could see why he said that. He also touched my incision that day with dirty hands which made me now worry about bacteremia

I spent the next 3 months in agony over the fact that this guy lie to me so that he could poach my private insurance 50K for a procedure I could have had done correctly for 1/4 the cost.

I now have a bolt that is too large, And, now I will never be able to have the right size in my arm because the piece he removed was what is used to size the head.

What Paul should have done was sent me home that day with my arm splinted so a hand surgeon could have used a surgical set up designed for this specific surgery, Instead Harriott drove to his office picked up some spare parts.

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