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Consumer feedback about Bergen Regional Medical Center

New Bridge Medical Center
Reviewed from Google

2.4 out of 5 stars

Dee F
Dee F

5 out of 5 stars

posted 9 hours ago

I agree when you walk in, its doesn't give the best vibes. However, my daughter was lucky enough to be assigned to two of the most amazing people. First Dr David Schwartz Never did I met a more caring dr. in my life. He cares, he really cares about his patients. He took so much time with her, with me. Then a casework named Stephanie Knight. You can hear in her voice so much compassion on getting the right treatment for her client. So remember don't judge a book by it cover. Its a mental hospital, it isn't going to be a resort setting.

d b
d b

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been to the detox here 3 times. The detox is not the nicest by any means but they medicate you and there isn’t much expected of you as far as going to groups and stuff. I went to the 21 day rehab twice and it really helped me. I first went in 2010 and I was a broken man so things like food and accommodations weren’t first on my mind. I needed to be somewhere where I could just focus on my addiction. The counselors running the groups were great in 2010 and the nurses and other staff were all great. I relapsed and ended up back in 2014. The program was still the same but the staff had changed. The staff was still good. This is a very no frills rehab and you will sit in a room all day for groups. Rec time is good and it breaks up the day a little. The food isn’t great but it’s only for 21 days. The fact that a charity care facility like this even exists is a blessing.

Marjorie Duvalsaint
Marjorie Duvalsaint

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

I had to come back and edit my prior review. First let me just state facts, the 2x I brought my sister to be admitted, it took HOURS! Additional facts: the hospital was extremely busy...
My sister is currently at this facility and I am beyond grateful for all of the staff members graciousness! From the security, to the nurses and especially the doctors. She is getting the care she needs and we look forward to her coming home and thriving! It was worth the wait. Thank you New Bridge Medical Center for all you do!!!

Neesh Dollas
Neesh Dollas

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Poor poor poor service in the emergency department. I came to see a family member who was never given scheduled medication, but instead forced to eat sandwichs for a day. When I inquired about her treatment the nurse on duty(bald, African American nurse, has accent and glasses) rudely declined to answer and in fact followed me to my family member’s room. He was asked for privacy by the patient but took that as a time to assert power and replied no. Staff saw the matter escalating but chose to allow the nurse to antagonize the patient and myself. This is unacceptable. No one should feel like the place for “help” is a hell. No one wanted to work as I walked away seeing every staff member on the clock sitting and relaxing so leisurely while there are patients asking to be seen or treated. I guess this is what happens when businesses employ those who care less about people and health, but care the most for a check. Security needs sensitivity training period. A very old African American guard referred to my family member as a crazy girl, but wondered why I demanded her release. This IS NOT A SAFE PLACE for those seeking help. They are not properly staffed or trained. The young lady at the desk when I entered and exited was the most pleasant and helpful part of the department.

Mo Ma
Mo Ma

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Horrible ! Horrible ! Horrible ! Nurses were annoyed when i asked "when is the doctor going to see me". The doctor ..forget about it!! No eye contact and rude as he can get. I had to walk to him while he was sitting on the counter staring at his computer to get some answers which I did not get because he was busy staring at his computer. I had to ask about what should I do and where should I go till i finally got treated. When i was a little impatient I was told by the doctor " you are making such a big deal! usually you would wait 12 hours at any ER"....
Thank god I had to go for a minor thing and not for a life threatening injuries. Stay away from this place ! you walk around like you are invisible.

I am sure they will reply to me saying :

"We are sorry to hear what you have shared. It is a priority for us to ensure those we care for have the best possible experience at New Bridge Medical Center. We encourage you to speak to our director of patient relations at blah blah blah"

work on your services instead of wasting time after the fact reading bad reviews!!!

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