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224 E Main St, Springville, NY 14141, USA
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Consumer feedback about Bertrand Chaffee Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Emma V

This hospital's doctors, on multiple occasions, have thrown their aggressive dogma of faith and religion into my family members lap. Shaming and effortlessly expressing the fact that they are denied and void of God and heavily pushing their beliefs onto them. I've never felt so embarrassed for an establishment, these doctors should be ashamed of themselves - and if they are truly disciples of God and MUST spread His word - should instead find a career that involves such and stay OUT of the medical field. Yknow, the medical field, where you're interactions are with diverse crowds of people full of their own beliefs, morale, and interpretation. May God bless you with understanding and acceptance of all our brothers and sisters.

Rating: 1 /5

Bobbi Vondell

This place is absolutely disgusting. It is so dirty. I cant believe a hospital or primary care center would look this dirty. The desk help at the primary center are rude and dismissive. You would be lucky if you actually got a phone call back if you called for anything...even to make a payment on your bill. Why make appointments if you have to wait over an hour to be seen anyways. I sat with my mother in this filth for over an hour in a 78° lobby with people who were sick...way to keep it HOT and let germs spread. Way to make your keeping people sick. Im seriously thinking of reporting to health department on the cleanliness alone.

Rating: 1 /5

Mark Currie

You're better off going to the suburbs to Urgent Care.

Rating: 1 /5

Carly Whelan

Worst care we have ever received. The dr and nurses were immature and so judgemental about our situation. If you need to go to the hospital Please DO NOT go here.

Rating: 1 /5

david kurzdorfer

Please avoid this hostipal er at all cost they are very rude and often miss dignose you wright good lady friend went there when her own Primary MD sent her to the er last year with breathing issue. ..she was terrified she might die if she went to sleep ....the Er MD told her just go home you will be fine just take some over the counter cold flue meds and in a few days you will be ok ....the next day she had even more breathing problems and she went to Olean er .....Ware not a MD but a nurse practioner said I believe you have phenomenon and I can't believe the Bertrand Chaffee did not run any test on you and the nurse practioner ran a few test and said if you would have followed the Er MD advice from Bertrand Chaffee you could have easily died's sad when a nurse practioner from a real hostipal like Olean can solve medical condition a true MD from Bertrand Chaffee could not ....and when it's life threatening like phenomenon and you trust your love ones life kinda scary bringing them to Bertrand Chaffee hostipal