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Consumer feedback about Bethesda Hospital East

Rating: 1 /5

Hannah Mufson

I don't usually do this but I thought if I didn't then I would be doing others a disservice to speak out. My fiance went in having pain in her chest, they took her in immediately and told me to wait while she was in triage. She soon got a room and let me know and I went to the desk and said my fiance is in a room and waiting for me. They said to me point blank "glorious your fiance is a girl and so are you." They refused to let me go back and see her as I cried in the waiting room.. They threatened to have me arrested of I went to them again saying this is not right I must see her. There was no reason to hold me in the waiting room she was in a regular room by now. We went elsewhere when she was able to.. We spoke through text and call. Horrible people who work there I will never forget this.

Rating: 1 /5

Morrenda Richard

Bethesda East Hospital is the worst place ever!!!! Doesn’t even deserve a 1 star. If you live anywhere near this hell hole i am by the grace of God warning you to go else where. This place is nothing but garbage with horrible nurses that lack patience and humanity. This place not only took my mother but wrongfully diagnosed my son. What happen to nurses that actually cared for others???!!!! There only in it for a paycheck. I don’t ever leave reviews but this place really hit a good nerve. God is so good that my son is doing much better thanks to his actual doctor!!!! I will not ever step foot in this hospital again.

Rating: 1 /5

Ramon Villamar

These people are either incompetent, crooks or both. I go in for some tests. I have a high deductible on my insurance so they tell me I have to pay $700 out of pocket for the test. They have me sign a paper that says this, the paper even says "additional responsibility $0" and it's circled by the lady who gave me the form. I sign it and they take my credit card immediately before they do anything. A couple of weeks later I get a bill from them for $150. I'm told this is for the doctors fees... because apparently the $700 I paid didn't include an actual doctor to run the machine. Oh but it doesn't end there. A week after that I get ANOTHER bill this time for $1,200.00. I called them up and the lady on the phone was extremely rude and basically said she doesn't know why it's another $1,200 but that's what I owe and to bad. I told her they said it was $700 and I have a paper that says that. She didn't care. All I can say is don't have anything done there. If the tell you it will cost x it will end up being double. Better off going to one of the independant labs like University MRI or something like that.

Rating: 1 /5

Angelica McGill

I am sharing this review to help save you or your loved ones. I laid my my grandfather to rest yesterday morning because of this hospitals incorrect care. My grandfather was in critical condition and left in hospital unattended for 2 weeks while his doctor went on vacation by the time the dr returned my grandfather was too weak to go on. He suffered and was incorrectly treated. They gave him two cauterizations and the reports/records from second cauterization went missing. They had no idea what they were doing and cost my grandfather his life. He was strong and willing to live until he entered Bethesda east hospital. The nurses and staff are very impolite and inconsiderate. They leave elderly people screaming for help in hospital rooms. They would not cooperate with us at all in treating my grandfather. The doctors do not know anything about saving lives but know exactly how to end lives. This is a hospital that should be shut down. They are killing people. DO NOT GO HERE.

Rating: 1 /5

Mac McGill

Reading some of these other reviews are heartbreaking. I went in just to try and drop off my resume, as I am an experienced CNA. The people in HR were unbelievably rude. So much so I decided to write management. Just a ridiculous experience. Now I'm reading these other reviews and some of them are horror stories. Sad. Guess I really don't want to work there.