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800 Tilghman Dr, Dunn, NC 28334, United States
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Consumer feedback about Betsy Johnson Regional Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

William Jackson

Rated it before. Labor and delivers is great peds is great. Went this morning to see my sister who was pregnant. Nurse gets me in but was being rude. She was rushing me and my father. We didn’t know she was prepping for a delivery or whatever. But my mother who was there already said she already had a attitude. Also went there for a few mins earlier. Told guard someone left lights on on their wehicle. Because it’s dark out he said if it was my vehicle I would see the lights on. Was like can’t do anything and said thanks. All he was doin when I told him was doin something on his phone with ear buds on his phone and in his ear... ppl have emergency’s and also rush to check on loved ones at a hospital. Wish there was a option for no or negitive stars.

Rating: 1 /5

ana perez

This hospital sucks! I had a bad experience when I went to the ER. I went because I'm pregnant and my stomach was hurting really bad! I waited for an hour or 2 to be seen and then waited another hour for the doctor to come and check me. The doctor was racist and she didn't even examine me or anything!! She told me that nothing was wrong and that I could go home even though she didn't check or do anything thing to me! And I had a male nurse and he was judging me for no reason, he was giving me mean looks and all! I won't be going to this hospital anymore!

Rating: 1 /5

Jeff Hornick

I was taken there after a seizure with blood all around my mouth. Was seen fairly quickly, but nobody bothered to clean up the blood. This happened the day of the eclipse, and tell staff was more interested in that than in looking after their emergency room patients. It also seems to me like they double-charge for tests. The doctor's bill is separate from the ER bill, and then I get one from radiology charging for the X-ray and CT-scan, but these are itemized on the ER bill. Maybe someone can explain why an ER charges for a service others are billing for. Also thought I had a payment plan set up, but they never informed the outside billing company about that, and so I rate them one star (if I could use negative stars it would be minus five). My advice is if you have the right to refuse hospital care and they plan to take you to Betsy Johnson, exercise that right.

Rating: 5 /5

Robert Hill

Literally one of the best experiences of my life. Would go again even with no medical problems!

Rating: 1 /5

Natasha Lynn

Worst place to go to .they have you sitting all day . then time comes dcomes says oh its this bye. not even look you over you or examine you or today example I had bronchitis and doctor wanted to tell me I'm obeys in loose weight because his butt did so you think you can talk to people like that especially over bronchitis nothing to do with weight or blood clots smh. Worst place ever! They don't care about what you are already going through in your life but they put you down infront your family my son sad ! You don't treat people like this.