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Consumer feedback about Blake Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Janet Folda

I’m not going into details again about our horrible experience. Blake is very familiar with my name. I’ve expressed it countless times. I would just like to say please beware! Do your research before going to Blake. I’d also like people to know that Blake’s FB page admin blocked me from leaving reviews. Nice way to shut people up. Just block us.

Rating: 1 /5

John P

I went in because my neck was stiff and my left arm was numb, I explained I had a cervical c6-c7 fusion and how I was awoken by a "crunching" sound in my neck and the shooting pain in my arm! I was sent in for an x-ray of my head and then placed on an EKG machine, then sent for blood work? My insurance company was billed for OVER $17,000.00 because of tests that were done that were NOT NEEDED! I won't even go into details about how I kept getting sent back to the waiting room even after a line was put in my arm! I received better care from a combat medic in the sand box, that knew way more than any of these quacks that treated me that day. Is this your protocol to over charge individuals and their insurance company for un necessary tests? This is one of the worst hospitals I have ever been treated at in my life! I would tell my friends to seek help from the humane society before going to this hospital! I have filed a complaint with my insurance company about the over charges for these ridiculous charges for tests that were never needed.

Rating: 5 /5

David Howard

The new CEO of Blake Hospital has one goal: Make Blake Great again! I am believing that it will happen.

Rating: 1 /5

rose B

My son who is a diabetic with low kidney function and moderate heart failure was admitted 4 weeks after he arrived in Florida for shingles pain. I won't even state here what they did to him and what was not done for him. He is still suffering from the bad start he got from Blake Hospital. The Bathroom was filthy and reeked also and he was using a urinal not even using bathroom. I found out because I told the nurse I would bath him myself because they were not. It was so filthy and smelled so bad that the aid and I couldn't go in there. So I did get her to bed bath and she did excellent. job. The food was sitting by nurses station along with other patients food after 8: pm .I asked why he wasn't fed yet and the nurses station said because he has shingles and one of the nurses has to take it in. I said who do the rest of the trays belong to . I would be very careful of this hospital if you do not have your own doctor and must rely on hospitalist.

Rating: 4 /5

Bill Stearn

We were in for a surgical procedure. The staff were all professional and courteous. They promptly and appropriately recognized and addressed a potentially serious change in status.