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2.2 Rating 2.2
13 reviews

To access your medical records from Bowie Memorial Hospital after being discharged, you may request copies of the finalized patient record through Health Information Management. You must complete the authorization form in advance to get a copy of your records. Bowie Memorial Hospital believes that your health information is personal and keeps records of the care and services delivered at their facilities. They are committed to keeping health information private and respect patient’s confidentiality.

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  • Short Term Acute Care Rating 2.2
(13 reviews)

Judy Freeman

THE WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!! Treated by the most uncaring staff. Except for the lady that checked me, thank you. The Dr that was there has absolutely no business treating people and needs to retire! I was not offered treatment for the reason I was there. The treatment offered from him had nothing to do with the reason I was there!!! After having 2 neck surgeries and back surgery, I was there after a fall and in pain. I was offered a shot for motion sickness because I was dizzy and THAT WAS IT! No xrays, ct scan to check plates, rods and screws in my neck AND back...NOTHING. All while this doctor had a sandwich!

Clint Raley

My uncle has a pacemaker and it was not firing right to make the electrical fibers in the septum of the heart fire right, to make the muscle's in the heart contract right. The Bowie EMS came and found my uncle barley conscious and the oxygen saturation very low at that point and time. When the EMS staff got him to the hospital (Central Hospital of Bowie) they got him right into the ER and after his medical history had been reviewed via the ER staff. They knew what was wrong and took the appropriate steps to correct it and had him transferred to a higher level of care. This hospital is wonderful and is new and will have more to offer in the coming months. You have to give it time. I don't know what we all would have done if our hospital had not been open again, thanks to Mr. Lynn Heller, CEO Bowie Memorial Hospital. My uncle would not have made it, most likely if our hospital was not open. I think we have a great hospital for this day and time. They will expand services and the hospital has only been open since march of this year. Thank you Central Hospital of Bowie. I would bring my dog to Central Hospital of Bowie, keep up the good work. I recommend this hospital to any one.

Dana Baker

The worst hospital I have ever encountered!!!!! The most unprofessional staff I have ever dealt with!! Thank God my Dad was able to take care flight to Fort Worth.

Xandria Elizabeth

If you can avoid going here please save yourself the trouble and go to the Decatur hospital. Bowie Hospital is by far the absolute worst hospital I've ever been to.

Monica Hood

This is the worst place for medical attention I've ever experienced. What a freaking joke!!!! They misdiagnosed my daughter and I'd rather die than ever go back to that scam hole!!! Please shut that place down or find doctors and nurses that actually care!