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66 reviews

About Brazosport Regional Health System

CHI St. Luke’s Health–Brazosport Hospital is a non-profit organization located on a 25-acre campus in Lake Jackson, Texas. The hospital features a 154-bed patient tower, level III trauma center, advanced cardiac care center, and full-service, multidisciplinary cancer center offering diagnostic and comprehensive treatment services as a sole provider in Brazoria County. The hospital emergency department receives over 30,000 patients each year while the neonatal center welcomes around 900 new babies each year.

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(66 reviews)

Nola James

Overall the experience I've had dealing with this hospital has be good. I'm expecting my first child in November and they've been pretty helpful getting everything in order.. My only complaint thus far is the older ladies at the welcoming desk. Apparently they do not know they are loud enough for patients/visitors to hear them bad mouth the patients in the waiting area, or they simply do not care. It's unfortunate ate women of their age don't know any better especially in this environment. Suggest their supervisor has a nice conversation with them.


Best ER I’ve ever been to. I was in and out within 2 hours, the woman at the front desk, Tyler (my nurse), the dr, and radiologist were all great, had positive attitudes, were professional, and had great attitudes. The energy was so amazing. I was expecting a long dreadful night, it was the complete opposite. Such a great atmosphere.

Starre Labell

My late husband and I were staying with family in this area, waiting for an appointment to a specialist in Houston. He was already diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer and had to be brought in to St. Luke's by ambulance. The ER doctor was good and put a pic line in him and sent him up to the ICU. The meanest nurses I've ever encountered work up there! I used to work in the medical field, and I was shocked. I go up to see him, after a rest, they didn't know he had a pic line and were prodding him endlessly with needles when I arrived. The nurse had no idea he had one, so much for reading a chart! That's only their job. Then his pic line was pulled out somehow, again a first. Every time I left, I came back to another scene with my husband begging me to get him released. He'd never complained in any other hospital and there had been a dozen over the years that he'd gone to in the San Antonio area. I've heard other people talk about how bad that hospital is, it's the only one in that area. I hope for the sake of other patients another one will be built. Treating a terminally ill 69 year old man that way is beyond improper and unprofessional. They have no competition, they do what they please and get away with it somehow. This was in the summer of 2016 and the hospital was just remodeled and renamed. Looking at the new comments, I see that they have done nothing to improve their quality of care. I finally told them we were leaving AMA if they didn't discharge my husband from that medieval torture chamber they call ICU. That got them on it, they lose big money if a patient leaves AMA, as Medicare won't pay nearly as much. I advise anyone who isn't getting proper care there to leave and go to a hospital in Houston. That's the only way they'll ever begin to change. There's no reason to treat people like this!!!

Melissa Jennings

Run as fast as you can somewhere else. Doesn’t even rate 1 star. Took my son in for vomiting and diarrhea for 4 days, he was given 2 IV and sent home with nausea medication, 2 days later took him back and he was told he was malnutrition gave another nausea medication and sent home. Took him to UTMB Angleton Danbury hospital and he was admitted with viral pneumonia.

D Shepard

CHI St. Luke's Urgent Care: My husband made an online appointment for a sick visit at urgent care (not an emergency) and upon entering the office the person behind the desk was on the phone, which seemed to be a personal call, then told him they wouldn't see him because they are not equipped to test him for anything. No questions asked, just sent him away and told him to go to the emergency room. It's my understanding that Urgent cares were created to unclog the emergency rooms from non-emergency patients. ??? Disappointing that they wouldn't (can't) even see him.