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Consumer feedback about Brighton Hospital

Madonna Hayes
Madonna Hayes

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I would not have been able to get clean if it weren't for this place. Most of the staff are also recovering addicts so they understand. The food is amazing and there are plenty of healthy options. As for the negative reviews- do not let them deter you from admitting yourself. I almost let them steer me away and thank God I did not. This place saved my life. Recovery takes work. I suspect that the negative reviews are from people who expected to be magically cured just from going. No. They give you the tools for recovery and offer a safe environment to detox and sort out the emotions that we have been masking with drugs for so long. But it takes willpower and hard work. I could not manage the withdrawals at home. I needed this place and I highly recommend it.

Garrett P
Garrett P

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Brighton’s staff are superb. Mileu techs, therapists, nurses, doctors, often have first hand experience with addiction and decades of sobriety so they’re able to have meaningful connections with the patients. Unfortunately, the program is extremely expensive and run like an assembly line. If you take the excellent staff out of the equation, you’ll realize that patients are in-and-out like planes at an airport. Insurance companies have a lot to do with this, but treatment centers like Brighton have the responsibility to fight back and lower costs, allowing patients an adequate amount of time in treatment.

I’ve heard patients say that the halfway houses actually hinder their sobriety more than help.

The incredible staff made me realize that I need to wake up considering the consequences of my addiction.

Brighton needs to wake up too.

Drew Priebe
Drew Priebe

1 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

UPDATE: After posting this, and getting a response from the Ascension Michigan Community Manager, I finally received my first letter from Arbor Professional... It's pretty obvious that they are going back and trying to cover up for the fact that they never once attempted to contact me. I still don't have any verification stating that they will rectify what was put on my credit report. The damage is done!

Original Post:
What a horrible experience with billing! After paying thousands of dollars out of pocket, on top of the thousands my insurance company had paid, they turned me over to Arbor Professional Solutions (formerly Ann Arbor Credit Bureau) for a total of $293.86.

This ended up on my credit report (which is how I found out about it in the first place). No one from Brighton Center for Recovery or Arbor Professional attempted to reach me by phone and they could not (or would not) provide proof that they attempted to send me any letters.

When I reached out, they were very rude, and not helpful. I just wanted to pay my bill, and get it off my credit report. They could have had their money, if they just wanted to provide a little help and assurance that this would be corrected.

I know how this sort of thing works, and it makes sense why Arbor Professionals did not attempt to reach me. They didn't think the 50% or 60% of $293.86 was worth their time, so they just threw it on the credit report and moved on.

This is not how you do business with people who have paid you so much money. It was a small remaining balance, and I would gladly have taken care of it. I still would, if I knew that it was going to be taken off my credit report.

Ascension should stop letting Brighton Center for Recovery run rouge, and shouldn't be turning any unpaid balances to little mom-and-pop credit reporting companies who employ sub-par workers who don't provide any customer service or follow their own policies.

Erin Silas
Erin Silas

3 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

It may be premature to leave a review as I only checked my father in yesterday. Our experience during check in was great. The place was nice and the staff were professional, compassion, and thorough. As I drove away, I felt a great sense of relief feeling confident that I left my father in great hands. That feeling changed today when I called to check on him and was told I'm not allowed to call in. I understand and respect the privacy policy and HIPPA laws. I have durable Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney over my father and I left copies of these documents with the facility. In addition, my father signed a consent form with the social worker allowing the facility to talk to me about his care. The social worker instructed me to call today to talk to his therapist. She urged me that this call would be very important. I called once this morning and left a message which wasn't returned, I called a few hours later and a young woman answered. Not only wasn't she unhelpful, she HUNG UP on me! This is a stark opposite of my experience yesterday. I felt so much peace that I had left him in the right hands and now after being hung up on, I'm second guessing the decision. Since in have not talked to my father today, I am beginning to feel concerned. A facility like this should understand the emotional roller coaster that family member go through and the amount of trust it takes to leave their loved one in someone else's care. I was assured I'd be able to communicate with the
staff, and even though I explained to the lady that I had three documents that give me the authority to do so, she simply repeated "I can't help you. There are privacy laws." When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me no. I said I understood they needed to confirm that they had the proper documentation and I asked if she could just take my name, verify the documentation and have someone call me back. She told me "no, there are privacy laws." When I asked what the process was for me to talk to someone she said "I can't help you." Finally I gave up and started to ask her about family and friends days as I want to encourage our family to participate but need more information. Before I could get the question out, I was hung up on. My husband, who runs a home care agency, called back to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was helpful in explaining what should've happened. And he did take my name to have my father's therapist call me back. But he was not applogotetic and when I tried to talk, I felt cut off a couple times. Maybe he was just in a hurry, but again, it's not easy to go through this. I would hope that a facility specializing in substance abuse rehab would have more patience and compassion towards family members. Quite contrary to today's experience, the nurse and social worker I met yesterday, as well as the other staff, were wonderful! I'm praying our experience here will be more of what I saw yesterday and not a repeat of today. If I were leaving a review based on yesterday, it would be five stars. Based on today, one star. I hope to be able to leave a new five star review in a couple weeks.

Uncle Chuckles
Uncle Chuckles

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

taking a heroin addict off in less than 5 days is a joke. They are on a small taper no matter what. You have been warned.. And Dr kane was nice but he left. Very few who know exactly whats up

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