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41 Brewster Rd, Bristol, CT 06010, USA
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Consumer feedback about Bristol Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Wayne Johnson

I could write a book about the horrible way that this hospital treats its patients and still not be able to properly convey just how HORRIBLE this poor excuse of a hospital really is. Most people who live in Bristol would rather die than go to this place. I now go to New Britain General (Hospital of Central Connecticut, now) when I need medical services. Bristol hospital is teetering on bankruptcy and their complete lack of respect for the health and well being of their patients is the primary reason why. Just a few of the complaints which are a regular problem at this fraudulent hospital. #1). You can expect to wait up to 4-5 hours before seeing a physician there, even if it is not very busy. #2). They will not offer you a wheelchair if you obviously need one and if you ask for one, the chances they will go out of their way to get you one is remote, at best. #3). I was told once to sit on the floor, while in AGONIZING pain, to wait for a Doctor while I had a severe disc problem in my back because there were no chairs available. #4). I was told while waiting to speak to one Doctor in the E.R. that patients were not allowed to "stand around the desk" (as if I was loitering) to speak to their Doctor and should wait in the general waiting area. The Doctor was EXTREMELY rude. #5). Getting back to the excessive waiting time, my friend was coming up from New York City and had contracted food poisoning along the way. He stopped in to the Bristol Hospital and after waiting 4-5 HOURS in severe pain, he finally saw a Doctor. He refused to pay his bill and because of the poor reputation of this hospital, the collection agency removed it from his record. He told me that even in New York City, on a very busy day, no one waits 4-5 hours to see a Doctor. #6). One time, a long time ago (1979), I was brought here by ambulance after becoming sick and the Doctors placed me in the general waiting room area on a hospital gurney, in my underwear, in front of all of the other waiting patients, until a room was ready for me. #7). They tried to double charge me for a bill which was already paid by my insurance. The bill amounted to over a thousand Dollars. My credit was being ruined and their billing department couldn't find the copy of the original bill so, I had no way, short of bringing them to court, to fight it. After 7 YEARS, the bill finally disappeared from my credit history. #8). When I went there earlier this year after my back went out, the Doctor accused me of "faking" my pain. She then refused to stabilize my pain, which is totally illegal here in Connecticut. This was probably done to get even for my bad reviews of this place which I placed in the Bristol Press newspaper. It has been my experience after dealing with many people who also have nothing good to say about this hospital that those who actually do have something good to say are either friends of employees who work there or are employees themselves. I would rather die than return here.

Rating: 1 /5

Kedrick Tucker

The staff prescribe dope to themselves It's an easy fix. Their motto is "do as we say, not as we do". They preach "soberiety" when they're doped up. They won't accept the fact that medicinal cannabis is legal in Connecticut. The staff pretend that the 1930's never ended. Jazz musicians were targeted because they were black. They didn't "go insane on reefer from Mexico". The "drug war" is the race war, mostly targeted at Mexicans and black people. Medicinal cannabis saves lives.

Rating: 1 /5

Kelsey Armstrong

The last time I came here for an ER visit, the nurse brought me to a room that reeked of urine, had dirty bed sheets and...wait for it....bugs on the floor. Everywhere. Not sure what kind of bug, but they looked like small leeches. My mom and I politely declined settling in that room and asked for another one. This one at least had clean bed sheets....but more bugs on the floor. Their bathroom was absolutely repulsive. Once I left the hospital, I felt the need to shower and wash all my clothes in hot water. Hospitals should feel clean, not was like they hadn’t cleaned the place in weeks. We were so skeeved out, and they said they didn’t have a clean room for us, so we settled in the hallway for the night. Terrible service. The doctor was nice, at least, but I saw him more than my nurse. Over the course of our 8 hour visit, we saw the nurse once. Only got vital signs taken once upon entering the ED. It basically felt like we were sitting there being ignored the whole entire night. Doctor never came in and talked to me about my CT results or anything. I was just handed discharge papers right at change of shift. Please choose a different hospital than Bristol ER. They are terrible.

Rating: 2 /5

danny diaz

I’m very disappointed with the way they treat emgergency patient. My poor mother who was very sick and me had to wait almost 3 hours for the nurse to even see us. This is the most inhumane hospital i ever seen in my life. I do not recommend this hospital at all especially if it a emergency. I hope they start caring more and become more organized on how fast they treat patient. That not fair for the poor people who seeking medical help.

Rating: 1 /5

Grace Kelley

The doctors for gynecology don't know what they are doing, completely failed to help me when I had preeclampsia. Later on I had a placental abruption. I'm glad I don't live there anymore.