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Consumer feedback about Bristol Hospital

Bristol Hospital
Reviewed from Google

2.5 out of 5 stars

Julian F
Julian F

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 week ago

Place needs a total update. Staff looks miserable and unhappy. Unsafe place, will rather go to a walk in clinic then this so called hospital. Lucky if you make it out.

Ramon Augh
Ramon Augh

1 out of 5 stars

posted 2 months ago

Do NOT use this emergency room.Especially on the weekend, my husband was told by his MD on a Friday that if he had any problems go right to the ER. We did and I was told that they'd give him medication and send him home. When told that his MD was away for the week the response I received was "Well maybe someone in his office would see him"... I then asked if there was a Doctor on call that could help and was told "Yes but even if I call them they aren't going to come in just for this"...JUST FOR THIS..REALLY?? They didn't even try. Apparently patients don't count on the weekend unless they are truly dying. Must be the GOD DOCTORS don't want to be interrupted, even if they are on call. Altogether a waste of 8 hrs. with nothing more than a what you have massive bleeding and pain from your Foley catheter and a 7mm kidney stone that should have been taken care of then...not when it's "convenient" for some totally lazy doctor. The worst part is that they didn't even TRY to get someone in to help. LAZY and UNCARING

Dawn Kline
Dawn Kline

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

Wonderful admission, nurses,drs everyone exceptionally nice and wonderfully attentive to all patients. Never been to a hospital that everyone cared so much for patient and family members.

kedrick head trip
kedrick head trip

1 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Nobody responds to emails and there aren't any "advocates".

Beware of discrimination called mentalism or sanism. Those labelled "mentally ill" are more likely to be victims of violence than perpetrators, the vast majority of them are never violent; and anybody can be misdiagnosed so drugs are pushed. I'm not necessarily against all psychiatry, I'm unimpressed by anything prone to misuse. There's political abuse of psychiatry, and there's also abuse without politics.

Unqualified staff never heard of an autistic genius or savant syndrome. They thought I couldn't be autistic since I'm not low functioning. I was a prodigy in elementary school, before being forced into "special education" because I couldn't tolerate bullying.

I was coerced to take drugs causing drowsiness, thrown in detention for sleeping in class, and forced to witness seclusion and restraint.

In states where medicinal cannabis has been relegalized, many unqualified doctors are still around. Their archaic ignorance is disastrous. The laws target people, not drugs. Said hate mongering has more to do with classism than racism, they just won't admit it. Without any medical reason to criminalize medical necessity, the jazz musicians and Mexican immigrants were among the targets. 
European bigots influenced their American counterparts. Medical necessity was already banned throughout Europe before the United States.
Prehistoric medicinal herb still prevents paranoia because it's still relaxing. The pharmaceutical industry is losing customers. Medicinal cannabis will knock down the other dominoes, paving the way for  repopularizing psychedelic therapy; there won't be freak outs in a therapeutic setting.
The junky staff at detox wards say, "do as we say, not as we do", pretending to be opiophobic so they can keep drugs for themselves, and eat in front of the patients only allowed hospital food. At Bristol Hospital, Dr. Nachiyappan Manoharan threatened forced injections of Zyprexa.
Dr. Christopher Yergen is a bully at New Britain General Hospital. He claims trauma victims are "more than just a little bit paranoid", as if the witnesses are liars. That's not"trauma informed care", yet another bully won't admit trauma happens.
Dr. Michael Edward Balkunas is a  sadist at New Britain General Hospital. The probate judge allows perjury, Balkunas wasn't asked to provide any evidence when he lied under oath, not once did the judge care about burden of proof.
Dr. Jeffrey Shelton is reprehensible.
Over and over, he forces patients through the revolving door via "Physicians Emergency Certificates" when there's no emergency. Dr. Shelton scoffed at me when I told him medicinal cannabis is how I concentrate.
Susanne Wargo  pretends medical necessity "causes brain damage" while pushing Xanax without concern about brain damage or deadly withdrawal symptoms.
Medicinal cannabis saves lives. Its users are motivated, not "apathetic and lazy"; that's borrowed from a stereotype about Mexicans.
Dr. Fred Reindell claims mellow people are "the classic case of bipolar with psychotic tendencies.
Dr. John A. Nazarian of Community Mental Health Affiliates claims mellow people are "schizoaffective, bipolar" because of falsified medical records.
Sara Carlson Allwood misquoted me in the Intake Assessment. I described my traumatic past during the intake, made it clear I have PTSD, and said medicinal herb helps. This wasn't mentioned. I was falsely accused of "abusing alcohol" when I said I don't drink, not even occasionally.
Margaret Pienezak harassed me to cause anxiety attacks. Joanna Haffner unlawfully evicted me. I was thrown to the streets without warning.
The Department of Public Health allows violations. Alice Martinez despises medicinal herb, and claims CMHA's only violation was not coercing me to discontinue use. The treatment plan didn't reflect my goals.
I'm rising above the abuse. I write about my experience to provide examples. It's about more than any particular person or facility. The people mentioned could be replaced. It'll take a lot to make a difference. I'm working on it.

Cacti Pterosaur Kedrick the Head Trip
Cacti Pterosaur Kedrick the Head Trip

1 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

The reprehensible staff are bullies who will misdiagnose anybody to push drugs. They're ashamed of themselves, so they project their insecurities upon other people. They prescribe Oxycontin to themselves for an easy fix. Their motto is "do as we say, not as we do". They preach "soberiety" when they're doped up, pretending to be "opiophobic" so they can keep the drugs for themselves.
The hate mongers won't accept the fact that medicinal cannabis is legal in Connecticut. It's not difficult to comprehend that a relaxing medicinal herb still prevents paranoia because it's still relaxing. The hate mongers would sing a different tune if they needed medicinal cannabis to save their lives. Their archaic ignorance hasn't deterred a prehistoric medicinal herb that still saves lives.
The staff repeat the fabrications from 1930's tabloids. Their hate mongering has more to do with classism than racism, they just won't admit it.
Jazz musicians were targeted because they were black. They didn't "go insane on reefer from Mexico". The "drug war" is phony. The laws target people, not drugs. In this case, the laws were mostly targeted at Mexicans and black people. The tide has turned, and the populace finally realizes that medicinal cannabis saves lives.
The staff are sadistic and hateful. They prey upon innocent people who are mellow, docile, and passive. Our kindness is mistaken for weakness. Nice people are taken advantage of. I will do whatever it takes to make certain that this hospital is shut down.