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Consumer feedback about Broward Health Imperial Point

Rating: 5 /5

Mia Rand

Went to the ER 11 months ago and had a GREAT experience! Was checked in at the ER, then about 5 minutes later was taken to an exam room. A short wait brought an attentive doctor who actually listened, and I was treated and on my way in probably an hour, total. I realize that had there been several medical emergencies rolling in while I was there it could have taken VERY much longer at each stage, so I did go at what turned out to be an opportune time. I had caring staff and no problems with snarky, mean or unprofessional staff at any point of my visit. When we are ill and in pain we may be short-tempered and cranky ourselves, and often people will respond to being treated badly by returning the favor, so maybe some of the many complaints about staff reflect that.

Rating: 1 /5

John P

The billing costs here are outrageously high, even with decent insurance. Imperial Point is supposed to be a public, non-profit hospital, but their billing costs exceed that of a private, for-profit hospital. Just to give one example, a Tetanus shot here at the Blue Cross negotiated rate will cost you $393. The Healthcare Bluebook and other cost comparing sites advise that a Tetanus shot should cost around $48. They are absolutely unconscionable with their charges!

Rating: 5 /5

Beth Johnston

Today, I give it 5 stars. Excellent service from start to finish. I was with my daughter for outpatient surgery and everyone from the woman who greeted us at 5:30am to the person who helped her into the car at 11:30am exhibited exceptional service. Her pre and post op nurse, Suzette was competent and caring. My daughter is a Nurse Practioner so would never have allowed me to give this hospital and its employees high marks if it wasn't a great experience.

Rating: 5 /5

Kimberly Boeckler

BEST operative care! My preopt nurses were fantastic, each one: Susette, Barbara, and Jodi. I CRIED on their shoulderd they took such good care of me. THANK YOU for restoring my faith in good caretakers.

Rating: 5 /5

Bruce Biggins

This facility is top notch ! From the moment I entered Emergency , the staff was attentive and very cordial . The nursing staff , especially the 5th floor nurses Carline and Michelle , were all the best I have had through out my life . The rooms were very clean , the amenities far above normal ( big screen TV , toiletries , blankets ,etc,) . The doctors made sure , sveral times , all the tees were crossed and I's dotted , explaining my procedure in terms anyone could understand . The operation occurred when it was scheduled , and I was on my way home in 3 hours . I would rate the ENTIRE stay A++ . Oh , and the food was ab/fab ! ! ! Thank You I.P.H. .