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Consumer feedback about Broward Health Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Nikki Nat

Currently here for my 15 month daughter, was in a beautiful room but needed to be moved due to overcrowding didn't mind at first until I got to the second floor and it is absolutely disgusting! No child should be there, it looks like an area from a horror film. All they show is pictures of the updated parts of the hospital but hide the others

Rating: 1 /5

Betty Quero

My 83 year old Mother was ill and had to be taken to the hospital. Was admitted approximately 3:00am with pain on her left arm, extreamly high blood pressure, bad headache, shortness of breath. Discharged by 1:00pm. They just pumped her up with medications, got her blood pressure down and discharged her. Not only her attending doctors were not notified she was there but also had no concern her blood pressure has not been stable for the past couple of weeks and medication is not controlling it. DO not go to this hospital if you have a medical condition that needs to be looked into and investigated. Also, the personnel in the emergency room were professional and caring. But once she got up to the floor, the nurses are the most rude human beings I have ever met. This applies to the ladies at the nurses station, if you try to inquire about anything the are bothered and snap at you.

Rating: 1 /5

Beth Anne Algie, RN

All smiles and thumbs up after a massacre of CHILDREN? You're all about taxpayer fraud and enjoying disasters. What is WRONG with you?

Rating: 5 /5

Chris Powell

I am reposting this review from 1-star to a 5-star and that reason alone is only because of Dr. Roddy ! Great professionalism On his part to stand up and do the right thing!! On my first two visits I was treated rudely and unprofessional to say the least and it appeared very clearly to me that if someone has any issue with one staff member, then the rest of staff side with the one you had the issue with. So after having to go back to the same hospital because I was so sick even though some of the staff made it obvious they didn't want me back as they gave their dirty looks and as I watch and heard them gossip right in front of me. However, Dr. Roddy saw what was going on, stepped in, was compassionate, kind , and professional. He treated me perfect ! I feel so much better........ Thank you Dr. Roddy ! This hospital is blessed for being so privileged to have such a caring Doctor as Dr. Roddy abroad there medical team ! Thank You again- Christopher Clayton Powell

Rating: 1 /5

Tattoo Enthusiast

Absolutely disgusted with the service here. My mother went there and was treated like she wasnt of any importance by the nurse practicioner Mr.Robert Cobb. I am absolutely furious with the level of care given at this emergency department and will be taking this up with hr.