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Consumer feedback about Burke Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Serena Ference

Save yourself the frustration and drive to Augusta or anywhere else but here Came here at 1:30 it's 6:30 A nurse hasn't even come into my room for over two and a half hours to even ask if I needed anything or to update me this hospital is a complete joke and should be shut down. The nurses are all sitting around gossiping and eating no ones left the nurses station hardly at all! I have never been to a worse Hospital in my life!!!! No concern AT ALL for the patients well being! This hospital needs to be investigated. Upcharge and do the most expensive tests you possibly can! Don't waste medication!!!! Don't bother even having any contact with the patients! Move as SLOW as possible!!!! Eat every candy bar in the vending machine before you decide to check on a patient. I've heard some people talk about this hospital saying they wouldn't take their dog here let alone a human. I should have listened!!!! Do they charge per hour or am I missing something?! DO NOT COME HERE! DO NOT BRING A CHILD OR ELDERLY PERSON HERE EVER! Please trust what these reviews say!

Rating: 1 /5

Dianne Williams

Everything connected to Burke Medical center is bad. The hospital bought Dr. Murray's office that sits behind the hospital. I have a nephew that I take there for his ADHD and I could NEVER get his prescription the same day or next day. This week we took him on Monday and were told to come back Wednesday for the prescription but I was told I will not be able to get it until next Thursday (not this Thursday but 11 days from the appointment). I love taking my family to see April Riggs because she is good at what she does but Dr. Chad C. Slaughter whom I never met is never there to sign the prescription. Yes a doctor signs the prescription and we never set eyes on him. Pissed off Patient that pays a co pay

Rating: 4 /5

sandra vrooman

They took good care of me...

Rating: 1 /5

Chantel Stephens

They will let you die. The staff is very disrespectful, was told couldn't relay the status of someone to their own parents. Will never go back nor recommend this place to anyone!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Eric Medlin

I have never been more disappointed and irritated in my life. My wife was running a fever of 101.5. Her primary physician was closed on Friday so we decided to go to the Burke Medical Center ER. Her temperature was over 102 by the time we got there and all the receptionist was concerned with was the "new computer software". After about 45 minutes we finally made it back to triage. The nurse was more concerned with the "new computer software" than with my wife's condition. We requested a blanket since my wife was now having chills due to her elevated temperature. The nurse said, and I quote, "I don't think we are supposed to give out the blankets". My wife got the blanket and was put in a room near the back with the door cloed. 45 minutes later the doctor came by and said that he could give her some fluids and something for the body aches. We'll, you guessed it, 45 minutes and a visit to the nurse's station, they came by to give my wife the fluids with a "tiny" amount of pain killer. Our entire evening was spent there (over eight hours). The only time we could get a nurse to come by was after going to their station to ask them to do their job!!! During this time my wife's temperature went up to 103.2. The nurse left and 15 minutes later I had to go to the nurse's station to ask them to do something...Tylenol was all we got. 45 minutes later, there I was at the nurse's station again asking why no one had come by to check on my wife. Their answer, this is golden, "We gave her Tylenol and it's been less than an hour". All of the tests were complete and the doctor was releasing my wife with two prescriptions. 45 minutes later, I had to make two separate visits to the nurse's station in order to get our paperwork and have the IV removed from my wife's arm. OK, my ranting is over and yes this is a true story (do the math and you will realize that I left out some of the time spent there). There has been much discussion about the failing status of this hospital over the past few years. After our experience tonight I think this is the best thing that could happen to this hospital. Maybe all of the employees could get the opportunity to train in an environment that realizes that the patient is their job. Without the patients there is no hospital.