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Rating: 1 /5

martha swanson

I took my son to the emergency dept on June 27 2017.This was the worst ER visit imaginable! The nurse, [I will save her the embarassment of giving her name , although she deserves it, ] was the rudest ,meanest , most hateful, spiteful person I have ever encountered in my life and I am 62 years old . There are not enough adjs. to describe how unprofessional she was to my son and I,,and another set of patients in the ER. My son was throwing up, with severe abdominal pain and dehydrated. She marched into the waiting area after we had been waiting 25 mins. informed us that we should have gone to our doctor instead of coming there.[ this was after doctor hours] told us we would have to wait in the waiting area, then took, him without me, to the back after 20 or 30 more mins i went looking for him. she had put him in a room after all, did not bother to tell me. I demanded to go where he was. they did nothing to stop his nausea no IV for dehydration nothing for his pain. all this time she was very rude to me and only tolerable to my son.finally gave him a nausea pill . when he had slept a few mins. she came in to dismiss him. Still would not acknowledge me. I told her we didn't seem to be getting along, she slammed out of the room , got the doctor[ who wasn't much nicer .] and another nurse dismissed us. This is only an overview of how Rude this place was! I recommend Oxford. they are very nice. I have been to Baptist Hospital ER in Memphis, and Oxford over the years . they were always Good. This place is Horrible!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Kimberly Gray


Rating: 3 /5


Rating: 5 /5

Calina Novella Johnson