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Consumer feedback about California Hospital Medical Center La

Cheryl Love
Cheryl Love

2 out of 5 stars

posted 9 months ago

I was living right down the street from this hospital and i have a very severe although rare, but not unknown stomach condition which causes me to get extremely sick to the point 9/11 has to be called w/in minutes of onset. I was having episodes on almost a daily basis! I had a full PPO insurance, and every single time i was brought in by ambulance, even after 4 times in one week for the same symptoms, they only gave me the same temporary medicine to stop the vomiting without admitting me for further testing to find out what was going on! This continued for several years, I was a regular at California Hospital, yet not once in more than 50 visits for extreme vomiting was i either hospitalized or even given fluids!! It was just the same thing every time! It is Impossible to have the stomach flu or food poisoning when you haven't been eating and every day! I can't believe that they never investigated this since i later found out that there are specialists at that hospital that deal specifically with the exact condition i have, and yet i remained undiagnosed and untreated for years due to them not looking at me further or even having me see a GI doctor. It was always, get people in and out as fast as possible! Thus i must say, they have the fastest turn around time i have ever seen at a hospital! I never spent more than a couple of hours there from beginning to end! They might save many lives for gunshots and stuff, they are always completely full. But unless it is life or limb, they will just toss you w/out investigating, and the disease i have is deadly! I later was diagnosed at a hospital in Orange County, Ca. So, if you want fast service, yeah, you'll get out real fast...i never went in by car, always by ambulance so i never saw what the waiting room time was like. I just know the doctors never listened to me and just kept brushing my deadly illness off as being gastroenteritis or food poisoning. frustrating to say the least, and especially when you get the insurance bill. needless to say, i have the worst credit in history, i never gave them a dime!

Shaquan Richards-Fontayne
Shaquan Richards-Fontayne

1 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

Worst emergency room in Los Angeles. The level of compassion, sense of urgency and respect provided by the employees is far below the standards of even a McDonald’s or kfc chain. We as the people injured understand the fluctuation of patients coming in and out make it difficult to run smoothly but with that being said we do not deserve to sit in a hallway teaming with dirt disease and fecal matter without so much as an acknowledgment of my patience and being. It’s disgusting how money being taxed out of our Cheque’s is not funding the right things such as people qualified to work amongst people in need and working as a unit of foundation for the hospital. Honestly have never been treated so poorly multiple times in one space. And the worst thing about it all is that I live but blocks away so if and when I need EMERGENCY care I won’t get nothing of the sort in DIGNITY health.


1 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Dont bring anyone you here if you care about them.

I have had the misfortune of having to bring two people to this horrible place. This review only covers the second visit.

First off, the security guard at the front (Victor Chavez) is truly awful. He was permitting people of other genders and ethnicities access to their loved ones however when I so much as asked for his name or a bathroom (which probably hadn't been cleaned in week) was given attitude and threats.
My friend was taken back without her phone or purse and had no way of contacting anyone upon being discharged. When I asked for a nurse or admin to take her belongs to her Victor offered to take them but not provide documentation of the items being taken, the perfect opportunity for theft.

I left my phone number with one of the more amicable guards to pass to a nurse so that I could pick her up upon discharge and nobody called forcing her to use one of the hospital phone and wait for 30 minutes outside until I could get there. When I picked her up I learned about the horrendous treatment they gave her. They took her blanket and kicked her out as soon as they could without any concern for how she was going to get home. She had to beg to use the phone.

tony figueroa
tony figueroa

1 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

The staff of this ER is the worst I have ever seen!!! For starter my father comes in for a stroke where the first 6 hours are critical for treatment and we get put in the system. Everything falls apart when the unorganized staff doesn’t even know the location of patients. They can’t find them and then they skip them. They call trauma events where patients that come to the waiting area to check on family don’t are not allowed to go back to the ER because the trauma event is happening. We talked to head nurse (3 of them) they al said stay in waiting room and we will call u. 3 hours go by. We keep asking and keep getting rejected to go back to ER. They kept saying we will call u. Until we get fed up and say release my father we are going somewhere else. Then they say no we will treat him. No more traumas our of no where. At this time it’s 12 midnight my father stress level is off the room his BP is 160 with no single pill or treatment provided. They take my father in to lay him on a bed with no service and blame us for missing the ct scan roll call at 940 pm. They let us out misinformed and lied to us and in the end they blame us. This staff is definitely the worse I have ever seen. Horrible service. Horrible experience. Horrible attitude and no caring for patients.

Please don’t go to this ER. Next time my PCP sends us here I would reject any offer. Please stay away from this. This ER only cares on saving lives of criminals that take critical space from dying deserving citizens of Los Angeles

Please stay away from this ER

Tom Cooper
Tom Cooper

1 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Filled with illegal immigrants and illegal staff workers..
Incompetent staff, rude , uninformed and just plainly confused...
Nothing but students and student assistants..
Terrible hospital