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636 Del Prado Blvd, Cape Coral, FL 33990, USA
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Consumer feedback about Cape Coral Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Sherri Kramerson

Great experience for my elderly mother in E.R. on weekend. Social worker needs to be more professional. No follow-up on requested PT and OT therapies at home. Mom needs range of motion movement in her home. Thanks to all for fine care for my mother.

Rating: 4 /5

Kristi Trudell

Great experience for an unplanned emergency surgery. 3rd floor nurses were fabulous. I do agree the ER phlebotomist could work on her bed side manor.

Rating: 2 /5

Ray Gentry

I can sum my experience at Cape Coral Hospital in 2 very different experiences. One in the ER, and it was a living nightmare. One on the 3rd floor as a patient, and it was a very positive experience. If I didn't know any different, I thought I was in 2 different hospitals. I understand most, if not all ERs are slammed. Given this is the height of snow bird season, that's understandable. Beginning with the ER portion. Absolute horrible. I came to the hospital via ambulance complaining of chest pain and rapid heat rate. From what I observed, there was no sense of urgency to relive my pain and discomfort. I waited for hours and hours with my pain and anxiety level through the roof. I kept getting told by the staff the hospital was slammed and that I needed to patient a little while longer. After what seemed to be 4 hours later, after being in extreme discomfort and pain, relief finally came. It's a good thing I wasn't have a heart attack. As for being admitted as a patient, the care I received all the way to discharge was top notch. I don't understand the difference? It's as if to get any quality care, you have to skip the ER process and go straight to being admitted. If it wasn't for the nightmarish ER experience, I probably would have giving the hospital 5 stars.

Rating: 5 /5

claudia klein

The hospital was very clean and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I’ve worked for hospitals from NY to Florida and have been very impressed with this one.

Rating: 1 /5

Tribeca Corleone

On January 27th 2018 my uncle was involved in a t-bone auto collision at Chiquita and Trafalgar intersection. It was determined that the other car ran the red light causing a direct collision with my uncles drivers side door. The EMS at the scene first only ordered a ambulance for the other car involved. They had asked if I wanted to drive him to a hospital I replied he'd get seen quicker by going on the ambulance which I thought was a ridiculous conversation to begin with. After I told them to call another ambulance they asked which hospital we would like to go to being that he was conscious, not bleeding, and could breathe I suggested Cape Coral because it was closer and didn't seem life threatening as this is NOT the hospital you want to go to when your life is at stake. They did x-rays of of only the lower half of his body saying there was no need to do an x-ray of his upper half because if he had broken ribs they cannot be fixed. About an hour later the results came back that nothing was broken and he probably just had major inflammation and rest and Motrin would be the best care and to follow up with the refered doctor "If" the pain persisted. After a week of no progress we took him to his first available MRI appointment where they located 3 broken ribs and a left side fractured hip. The reason I'm leaving this review is because I see that the Cape Coral Hospital responds to negative reviews as they will not and or respond to my phone calls. This place should be closed down, re staffed, and the level of care should be brought to a satisfactory repore. It's sad when you ask anybody in Cape Coral of their opinion of their local emergency facility and hospital and it's always the same answer. "Go to Fort Myers" This is just another blatant case of medical malpractice and poor diagnosis and care. Enough is enough, How many people have to receive sub par medical treatment and/or die at Cape Coral "Hospice"?? I eagerly await your response. Next will be "Fox In your corner"