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300 Medical Pavilion Dr, Raeford, NC 28376, USA
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Consumer feedback about Cape Fear Valley Hoke Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

William Ellenburg

I've been waiting awhile now and I just heard a nurse ask another nurse "What are we waiting on for him?" The response was "I just have to talk to him and discharge him" then a quiet laugh went on in the background. Just so disrespectful and unprofessional. Been waiting 3 hours now for someone to "talk " to me and discharge me.

Rating: 1 /5

Jasmine Thomas

Took my 10 month old daugther here Tuesday night because her right leg,has being making her knee poke out to where she falls when she walks,and for her ear. She also have an a ear infection.We was there for 4 hrs,10:40pm until after 3am! They checked her ear and leg.She had a ear infection,which I knew because she would tug at her ear. But they felt like nothing was wrong with her leg,even after I told them what was going on.I talked to a doc,a NP and a charge nurse.They didn't want to do a x ray or anything on my baby's leg because they felt like it was ok! Which pissed me off.Most of them were talking about patients there at the emergency room.They didnt even give a damn what I was saying about my daughter's leg! We waited that long to see someone just to have a doc in the room for about 10 mins.The Charge nurse didnt even put on gloves when giving my daugther meds for her ear.He asked did syringes for her meds,I said yes.He came back with syringes that WASNT package and seal.They were open without a top.I threw them away.They told me to go to her Pediatrician, which I called them earlier that day because her leg.They wouldn't be able to see her wed and friday,due to no docs.And thursday was booked.Both of the Cape Fears Hospitals REALLY SUCK CARING ABOUT THEIR PATIENTS.

Rating: 5 /5


The hardship of working at a hospital is the horrid customers that go there. Apparently someone is always dying but it’s always the hospital staffs fault. Only god can prevent death yet everybody blames the workers lol. This is a nicely made hospital for the location it’s in. I believe the rude locals who can’t settle for this hospital should just go to the local meth dealer and pray they get better service 💯

Rating: 2 /5

Teena Ferguson

When i was admitted to the ER I offered my insurance card and personal I'D. They said the Insurance card was not needed at this time. I went into triage and they took down my insurance information. I was given a bed and in the middle of treatment and a person came in and said. "How would you like to pay for your copay today. " I asked how much it was. She said 500.00. I said I was not prepared for that. No sympathy or other option was offered. I felt like pay it or get out. Is this common practice? A person should be made aware of monies to be paid if it is not a life threatening situation so they can make a clear decision for themselves on where to go for care. The staff and doctor gave excellent care. Date of visit to 08/17/17

Rating: 5 /5

jade floyd

i had no problem with staff or service. They were attentive and fast. Great job!