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Consumer feedback about Carepoint Health-Christ Hospital

Rating: 1 /5

Monisha M

My in-network doctor did a procedure at this hospital which was apparently out of network - it was a planned procedure and I actually spoke to billing and ambulatory care and they mentioned that surgery costs would be covered by insurance. Now I am being saddled by monster surprise bills of out of service costs that were never divulged to me prior to the procedure. My advice is run as far away from this facility as possible even if you have a great in network doctor. Look for another doctor because the hospital will find every way to extract whatever they can from you and if you are not completely sick, you will get very sick from the discussions with their billing etc. Even if they get a generous payout from your insurance, they will bill you a lot over and above. It is not worth the headache. I have dealt with other hospitals and never had to go through this weirdly inflated billing and negotiation. My question is - do patients have no recourse in these situations? Can hospitals lie to you blatantly and get away with it? This is ridiculous.

Rating: 1 /5

Erin Kaye

I have been to Christ Hospital several times & I can tell you, their care/service is terrible. The waiting room & ER can be completely empty & they still will take 1-2 hours to check you properly... I came in with a horrible wheezing cough for them to tell me it's just a cold... Then sent me home with an inhaler which made me worse. I went back & they still told me it was a cold. I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis but they don't want to actually do their jobs & take proper care of you. The doctors need to rethink their professions & do something else.

Rating: 1 /5

Maria Martinez

Horrible!!! Terrible, was trying to make an appointment for my father the lady on the phone was very rude!!! Hung up quick didn’t even give me the time of the appointment, I call back she sends me to voicemail. Horrible service!

Rating: 1 /5

James Yin

First they wrongfully charged me over $1000 for a simple ultrasound. After successfully getting a refund (spent over half a year on it), they sent me the same bill again. Christ Hospital, please do your patients a favor and fire all your staff. They're useless.

Rating: 1 /5

Bo Qin

Christ Hospital overcharges, don’t come here unless your life was in danger and there are no other hospitals nearby. I regret choosing here when there were quite a few choices...I went to the ER for 30 minutes, most of the time spent waiting. Did a EKG test and nothing was wrong so sent home without additional any services. The hospital charges $8k for that 30 minutes of ER, the doctor charged me separately $1.2k for the EKG. This is grossly overpriced, my out of pocket cost was $4k and I have good employee insurance. Called the hospital to inquire about why such high cost and they responded the cost is now “patient responsibility” and nothing they can do. I am currently appealing the cost with my help from my insurance, hope Christ Hospital give me a more reasonable charge. I know it’s ER but $8k for 30 minutes!!??