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2350 Meadows Blvd, Castle Rock, CO 80109, USA
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Consumer feedback about Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Rating: 5 /5

Misha Vavryshchuk

We just had our first baby at Castle Rock Hospital. We have had a wonderful experience. We were treated like royalties! We had 5 different nurses helping us and all of them were wonderful. Hospital is much slower then any other hospital in Denver area so they give you all the care you need. I don’t understand how people can give this hospital less then 5 stars. Amazing experience!!!!!!

Rating: 5 /5

Stephanie Emko

My delivery experience in the labor and delivery ward in October 2017 was amazing. The nurses and doctors went above and beyond to make sure the experience was very pleasant and comfortable. This was a wonderful hospital stay for me and I would recommend this hospital for anyone planning to have a child. Our room was beautiful and had a great view.

Rating: 5 /5

Kristin Warner

I just had a c-section at the hopstal and I cannot say enough amazing things about all the staff here , the hospital facility, and the care they have given me! Shout out to my amazing nurses in L and D! Kellie, Melissa, Jenny, and Dr. Geist!!!!! Seriously best care ever !!!!! This hospital is amazing for giving birth !!!!

Rating: 1 /5

Corina Ort

This was the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a medical facility of any sort. I went to Castle Rock Adventist to deliver my first child after taking a tour that made this place seem perfect but it was far from it! The nurses I had with the exception of two ( I was there for a week) were unbelievably horrible. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had my sister in law with me who is a nurse I would have had no idea what was happening. Due to their lack of care I was left on medication for far too long which led to serious complications with my delivery. During my recovery I constantly had to remind them to give me medications I needed and to take my vitals to make sure my blood pressure was ok. These nurses had no idea what they were doing. They claim all their nurses are trained lactation specialist yet when I asked for help they did not know what to do and I was actually told “there’s something wrong with you two and I don’t know where to go from here”. These are just a few of the issues I had during my stay. When I tried calling to speak with someone about my experience after I had been released I was passed around phone lines, hung up on, and even after multiple attempts to connect with someone I still haven’t received a call. Mind you, I delivered in mid October of 2017. I quickly received a bill which includes multiple large mistakes and when I’ve called to try and resolve the same thing happens. Someone promises I will receive a call back and then no one calls. Whenever I try to reach out I’m told that someone will be in contact but nothing happens. This place is such a joke and will end up costing you a ton of money and your health.

Rating: 4 /5

Michael Smith

I know! going to the ER can be stressful, we think every visit should be faster, my visit was not fast, it was a time I don't want again in my life, but if castle rock hospital has something good is security, they are professional, responsible, helpfull and The way they look I don't want to mess with them. I have the pleasure to interact with the lieutenant he has a white shirt, Gonzales was his last name, my wife only speak Spanish and he Spoke in Spanish to her offered water and any help we needed, it was not what he did but the way he did it, I then keep an eye on him and the other guard for the time I was in the hospital, the hospital has to fix a lot of issues but security is not one of them, I feel safe going there thank you. I live too far from castle rock to go back to thank this young man so please some one do it for me.