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68 Harris Bushville Road, 3rd Floor Ambulatory Service Building, Harris, NY 12742, United States
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Consumer feedback about Catskill Regional Medical Center

Rating: 1 /5

Moshe Bunin

Unless you are dying or your are very sick and need medical care urgently stay very far away from this hospital. If you are dying or you are very sick make sure someone else is with you 24/7 to protect you. They absolutely do try to save lives! The public joke about this hospital is that "they don't know the difference between a right arm and a left foot!". If you need an x-ray or an MRI, don't waste your time here on routinely misdiagnosed breaks, sprains, and much worse! Either go to Crystal Run's trustworthy walk-in entrance for 8am-8pm or to Orange County Medical Center in Middletown. Try hard to completely avoid Ellenville's horrible military-style hospital. Camps that bring their campers to either Harris Hospital or to Ellenville hospital for breaks, bruises, common colds, etc. should be sued royally. They already know, for many years, that this hospital routinely misdiagnoses sprains, breaks, and bruises but they continue to brainlessly send their campers here! Send them to Crystal Run Healthcare in Rock Hill or in Middletown or to Orange County Medical Center in Middletown. Airlift to Westchester Medical Center, if you must. And please don't rely on your camp vans or on your camp driver to transport kids to medical care! Please dial 911 or call Hatzlolah. Let the appropriate people handle the situation appropriately! Crystal Run Healthcare, located 2 minutes from Exit 109 of Route 17 in Rock Hill, NY and in Middletown, NY, clearly has the absolute BEST medical care in the entire Sullivan County. They are completely trustworthy. They employ some of the top specialists in their fields. There are absolutely ZERO reasons for the average person to visit the city for doctors because Crystal Run Healthcare is completely trustworthy and has outstanding doctors! Crystal Run Healthcare accepts most medical insurance. I once visited Catskill Regional Medical Center (Harris Hospital) as a patient because I was dizzy and I was feeling lightheaded. I sat in the waiting room for ten minutes watching the receptionist and the security guard engaging in deep conversations, never ever caring whatsoever about my presence. I had to call the hospital's emergency room number from my wireless phone in order to get someone to come outside from the ER to assist me! Please try to avoid this hospital and Ellenville Hospital. Please utilize the services of Crystal Run Healthcare and Orange County Medical Center. Harris hospital has a decent Kosher Hospitality room for everyone. The food is FREE. Ask a security guard for directions. They accept donations. Orange County Medical Center also has a decent Kosher Hospitality room, called the "Shabbos Room," for everyone. The food is FREE. Ask a security guard for directions. They accept donations.

Rating: 5 /5

David Alelishvili

My family member was admitted at this hospital, and I have to say that the staff is amazing there. On a regular basis, the nurses were checking up on her, even when it was busy. The staff there is amazing. In addition, the hospital is very clean, which is a big plus. This hospital has made major strides in improvements, and they need to be recognized for that.

Rating: 4 /5

Electric Meg

Very good ER, reliable, caring and quick service. Also impressed with the PT department. This facility has had a very bad reputation in the past, but obviously there is vision and willingness to change for the better.

Rating: 5 /5

gloria rivera

I called about my son who I haven't heard from in month's an Patrica was very sweet an told me she hadn't seen him in a long time an no one else has either. I told her I was very concerned as no matter if he was having a good or bad day he would call me. She said she knew he would as he had been there many time's an they know he would call me. I pray to God my son is alright. Thank you Patrica. God Bless you.

Rating: 1 /5

J J Scarpitta

They give wrong Ned. We give them the list @ change it special engeiler@ned that is dat try give at night ADMINISTRATION don't knew what they doing.i hope,when Janina came,signed out no doctor came to see me sunset yesterday when I came@took me to may room I ask many times only neurology q