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Consumer feedback about Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center

Rating: 5 /5

Shaina Prichard

We went last night thinking our son had appendicitis. The nursing staff here is incredible, especially Wendy! She got his IV in first try and gave him a big hug after to comfort him. Luckily it was nothing serious, but, all the staff from the nurses, to the doctors, to the radiology techs, were phenomenal. Couldn't be happier!

Rating: 1 /5

Steve Meredith

My daughter came in due to abdominal pain. The nurse did not use gloves to give her a shot and did not use an alcohol swap to setup her IV. The nurse then left abruptly without an explanation. It took them 7 hours to run a blood test and do an ultrasound, then another hour to write a script. They were all nice enough, but didn’t seem to be in any hurry. No wonder the ER had very few patients.

Rating: 1 /5

Ayesha Jaggers

I went to the emergency room (for the 3rd time this week) with an extremely painful ear infection that was progressively getting worse. I felt awful. I explained that to Dr. Storey. I also informed him that the medicine that I was currently taking was not working. He treated me like I was a drug addict, refused to give me anything for pain, and stood outside of my room loudly stating that he couldn't give me any "narcotics." (Which I never asked for) He told me that it would take 7-15 additional days for relief and to keep taking the medicine that wasn't working. He completely embarrassed Me! The nurse that discharged me was present for his behavior and even offered to get the Charge Nurse so that I could make a complaint. I will be making a formal complaint as well. I have never been treated so poorly!

Rating: 3 /5

Ronald Lollar

My husband, Ron, was brought to Centennial on an emergency basis due to he had collapsed at home. He was admitted to the hospital for observation and further testing to diagnose what happened. Certain staff members on the third floor staff were amazing and very attentive. One in particular was Kelly. She was always so nice, told us what was suppose to happen, and answered whatever questions we had. She really cared. I want to say that this hospital is my first choice for care. However, his 3 day stay was less than favorable in certain instances. We were told he had tests to be done, but we would sit there for hours with no definitive time frame as to when. I know hospitals are busy, and so are the staff, but I constantly had to be proactive and ask to get things moving. If he was told this is what had to be done, then it should have been followed thru. I am not going to list my frustrations fully, but what topped off my list was he was discharged at around 6:30 pm on Monday night. I got him ready, and I went to get the car while they got a wheel chair. He was told to stay seated on the bed until they brought him a wheelchair. I stood outside the front doors for 45 minutes. Concerned something happened, I went back upstairs. I saw his name was cleared from the board, and I inquired where he was taken to, and I saw Kelly, who had just started her shift. So I asked her if she knew whether Ron had been taken down. She looked puzzled. We went to his room and there he was still sitting on the bed, in the pitch black, still waiting. I felt so horrible, and Kelly was mortified. She was apologetic, and one other nurse came up, and also apologized, and figured that with the shift change he somehow got overlooked. She assumed that one nurse told another nurse and neither did it. Kelly personally made sure she got him downstairs and in the car. That should not have happened!!! I will still always come to that hospital, because to me it is the best in our area, but they. definitely, need to be more aware. Oh, one other thing, we still have no idea what was wrong with him. He was discharged with no diagnosis..just follow up with his doctor.

Rating: 5 /5

The Kaelynn Show

Visiting a family member and the staff on the 8th floor is amazing! Gina, Cici, & Christy!