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Consumer feedback about Centinela Hospital Medical Center

Rating: 2 /5

brittany Lear

The hospital is clean and staff are nice but their emergency room makes no sense. I have been waiting for a bed for 7 hours! If why I was here wasn't important enough to them then why didn't they just sent me on my way. There's no point in leaving now. This is awful

Rating: 1 /5

Beverly Johnson

Absolutely the worst hospital E.R. room I've EVER BEEN TO...what in the world is going on at Centinela Hospital. My daughter had a horrifying experience here. The ER room is the worst place in the hospital; the rudeness , and attitudes,and the blatant disregard you get and feel for your health and safety is scary within itself. It's shameful!! Its imperative that the State check on this hospital for all of our safety and well-being.

Rating: 5 /5

Ortiz G

I really don't get the negative comments. I been to this hospital so many times for my pancreatitis among other things, and the hospital staff are wonderful. Very professional and everyone there gets seen depending on the severity of their problem something some people don't understand. It's not on about who gets there first. I would highly recommend this hospital to everyone, the staff really cares and they always have a special way of letting me know I am not alone. I love it!

Rating: 4 /5

Tomisha Horn

I like the hospital overall. Not a long wait during my 4 experience. Some nurses can move a bit slower than others but overall they are good with me!

Rating: 5 /5

Kenneth Tyler

sorry to see all the bad reviews. i went to the emergency room a couple of years back i had to wait like everyone else but after i started vomiting i was rushed in and found out i had a hole in my intestine i was operated on right away saving my life because my system was being poisoned. we have to realize they are trying to see people as fast as they can and most emergency rooms are packed with people that was there before you. doctors and nurses were very professional. enjoyed my three week stay.